Cold Oats & Mango Sorbet

Tis the season

Dare I say it but (to the tune of Snookie in the opening credits of Jersey Shore)… SUMMER’S HEEEEEERE.

I realize that four tests, three papers and two presentations still stand between me and 90 days of blissful nothingness but do you realize that it’s 85 degrees and sunny and awesome in South Carolina right now? How can I be expected to focus on anything but:

  • When the pool at our complex will open, and
  • How soon I can shove vegan overnight oats into my face

Mangoes were on sale at the Mexican grocery store for 69 cents (SIXTY NINE CENTS??) so I nabbed a couple and made mango banana soft serve to go with my oats. The oats themselves involve simply soaking 1/2 c of oats in enough almond milk to cover it along with any spices you want (I just use ground flax, mesquite and cinnamon) and placing it in the fridge overnight. If you don’t think to do it the night before, rest assured the same can be attained in about 30 minutes soak time in the morning. Just don’t tell anyone who insists on calling these overnight oats.

Cold Oats & Mango Sorbet

1/2 frozen banana
1/2 mango, chopped
1/2 c oats
about 1 c almond milk
1 Tbsp ground flax
2 Tsp mesquite (optional, or use cinnamon)

Combine your oats, almond milk and any spices you want. Set in the fridge to soak overnight or at least 30 minutes in the morning. Puree frozen banana and mango in a small food processor until smooth like sorbet. Top the oats with the sorbet and EAT.

If you do nothing more with this than make mango sorbet, then my work here is done. It is so insanely good and just two ingredients. You will love it. But don’t cheat yourself out of cold oats. I know they sound ridiculous but… they’re amazing.

Amazing, I tell you!

2 thoughts on “Cold Oats & Mango Sorbet

  1. The sorbet sounds really good. I haven’t had a mango in months. I’m fond of the ones I can get in an Indian store (don’t know what kind they are).

    It took me quite a while to come around to overnight oats. I wanted to like them, and just didn’t. Until I did. And now I do. Ha.
    However, I don’t do them vegan – for me, I need the yogurt, for texture. My favorite mix is: oats, pinch of salt, splash of vanilla extract, plain greek yogurt, organic milk, 1/2 banana, and 1 TBSP chia seeds. And if there happens to be a puddle of homemade almond butter hiding at the bottom – all the better! :)
    With the banana in them, I think they taste like banana pudding!


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