Caturday 4/23/11

They absolutely do drink out of a cup.

Happy last-week-of-school Caturday! Ok, so that one was mostly for me but I hope you have something to celebrate on this glorious weekend. A belated Earth Day, perhaps? Oh… Easter! You see I have my priorities.

I celebrated Earth Day by writing 6 of the 10 pages for my paper due Monday and ignoring the fact that I have another 12-pager behind it. But THEN I smuggled Ralph and Weaz into my purse and did this:


If you haven’t seen African Cats yet then you’re a big ol’ loser and no longer allowed to read Caturday. It opened, uh, yesterday so… you’ve had plenty of time.

Clearly I didn’t really smuggle Ralph and Weaz in. There was no more room, what with the water bottle, bag of popcorn and industrial-sized sack of peanut butter M&Ms. Next time, guys!


It was an awesome movie. Though I fear I was far more enthralled than Stew. I kept finding myself squeezing his hand whispering, “Toooooo stressful” any time there was a chase/fight scene.

I won’t give away any plot details (there’s a plot!) but I will tell you this:

We're going to Africa!

Yes, Ralph and Weaz want to roam the land of their ancestors. Who am I to deprive them of that adventure? It will look something like this:


I do think Ralph looks like a mini lion and Weaz looks more like a cheetah.┬áSpeaking of cheetahs… COOL. The slow motion shots of that animal in an all out sprint are insane. I was like a giddy child the whole time. I caught myself beaming in the opening credits.

Oh, we were two of the, like, 6 people in there. What better things do people have to do at 10pm on a Friday? Losers.


I'm a lion.

I can’t wait to get a lion. How many do you want?

7 thoughts on “Caturday 4/23/11

  1. I feel like they are safer roaming the apartment than the savannah. Their greatest foe in the apartment is the dreaded Waldo. Who, by the way, is missing from Caturday this week. : (

  2. I’m afraid to watch the movie…are there too many ‘circle of life moments’? I can’t handle those when animals are involved. I’m the girl who couldn’t watch Wild Kingdom. :)

    Personally I’ve been wanting a tiger for as long as I can remember. So cute!!

  3. my cat drinks ONLY drinks out of a cup, too! so funny :)
    and I would like a lion, a tiger, and an elephant, please.
    (Are you really going to Africa?!)

  4. I cried during the trailer. Sadly I have to wait one more stinking day before I can see it (the theater by my house has 5 dollar movie tuesdays! scoreeeee) but I am so stinkin excited and won’t stop talking about it. Everyone is trying to convince me I’m crazy. I just tell them theyre heartless.

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