Caturday 4/30/11


Welcome to Caturday: Panic Mode Edition. Not only is Weaz stuck in the window again…


But I also have to study for and take a comprehensive final covering mmmm 600 pages of material in the next three hours. I haven’t looked at any of the material. That’s good. Since today is going so well already, Waldo has agreed to walk you through Caturday…

Me, Waldo?

Yes, YOU Waldo!

Me, Waldo!

I’m actually so old and oblivious and FARTY that I didn’t even know we had cats until today. What a wonderful surprise… Is it time for breakfast?

This little thing does this when she wants something.

How about now? Breakfast?

This big thing does this when she wants something.

That’s mostly all they do. Is it time for breakfast?

This is the little one getting Furminated.

Gross, Weaz.

You are gross.

I would like breakfast now.


Thanks, Waldo. That was… terrible. As you well know, it is time for breakfast every single day the exact second I wake up because you jump around like an idiot and I know you’ve been sitting there staring a hole through my soul since 4am. So yes, it’s time for breakfast.

Side note: Do you and your roommate fight over the thermostat? If your roommate was a cat do you think you’d still fight over it? You would. Here’s Weaz being dramatic about our decision to not use air conditioning.

7 thoughts on “Caturday 4/30/11

  1. You are a braver soul than I, for not running the A/C. We’ve had ours on for weeks. (Though it was surprisingly chilly this morning at the Farmers Market. I had thought hoodie weather was over – but was happy to have to put it on!).

    Waldo gives me the warm fuzzies. Sweet old man.


  2. Definite thermostat wars here. I might secretly get up at night and turn the A/C off, I’m always cold.

    Amused by the furminating of weaz. We recently decided to shave one of our long haired dogs. Ourselves. Why pay 100 buck for someone else to do it? Let me tell you, thirty minutes in we discovered why it costs 100 bucks. Yikes.

  3. My cats have similar things to say when it gets warm. Except they drape themselves up and down the back hallway, belly up, like little furry speedbumps, trying to catch a cross breeze. My husband calls it “kitten fallout”.

  4. I ALWAYS adore your Caturday posts, because I have a ridiculous cat myself; but the first photo of Weaz stuck in the window completely cracked me up. I am actually surprised my cat has not gotten himself into that position (yet). I’m not letting him see the screen lest he get any ideas from Weaz…

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