Soft Serve Bfast Cakes

Prickly pear cactus cakes topped with banana soft serve

This has been the weirdest couple of days. I had a final Saturday morning so it’s thrown off my whole weekend swagger. Swagger? You heard me.

I slept past 5:30am like a normal person, watched Trump get skewered by Seth Meyers at the correspondents’ dinner, ate a lovely little plate of prickly pear cactus bars topped with sunflower butter and banana soft serve and am plotting a run here in a minute. I feel like a human again.

Today marks the end of my first lululemon commit 30 challenge.

See ya, Jersey Shore.

Other than watching the Royal Wedding at Caitlin’s house this week, I haven’t been near a TV much less watched one. In fact, we cut our cable off entirely. I also rearranged the living room so that the TV is no longer the focal point.

I thought it would be harder to cut out TV than it was. At the time I was probably watching 14-20 hours a week (at least 2 hours a night), which is completely ridiculous considering my overbooked schedule. I mean, that’s another part-time job. I found that I was cutting out important parts of my life (yoga, time with Stew, time with myself) but still had time to watch a 2-hour episode of The Bachelor. There is something very wrong with that.

I don’t think TV is all bad. But I do know that most of the shows I watched were not bettering my life in any way. Jersey Shore, Hoarders, Real Housewives and anything else I can find on Bravo provide entertainment, yes, but in the end it’s just a way for me to shut my mind off and avoid my own life by living vicariously through a handful of train wrecks who make me feel better about myself. I don’t know about you but I’d much rather turn off the TV than my mind. Since giving up TV I have:

  • Started reading again
  • Started running again
  • Cooked more
  • Slept more
  • Stressed less about school

We don’t have any plans to turn the cable back on but you may find me knocking on your door when season 4 of Jersey Shore (FROM ITALY) is on. I really can’t miss that.

3 thoughts on “Soft Serve Bfast Cakes

    • crazy, right? i don’t have a recipe up yet but the prickly pear bars are a mix of quinoa/oat flour, pureed prickly pear cactus, avocado, maple syrup, etc. prickly pear cactus has kind of a tart taste. we’ve been putting it in sauteed veggies, atop salads, etc. once i get the recipe tweaked to perfection, i’ll get it up! i’m plotting some prickly pear popsicles too…

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