Caturday 5/7/11

Ralph in a box

I’m running behind on Caturday today because I’m too busy being a responsible adult. Not only did I update my computer and turn off my computer for the first time in like a month… I also got my oil changed. Bring on the responsible adult award.

Exactly (Source: Hyperbole and a Half)

Weaz has been responsible. She helped make the bed…

I learned from Martha Stewart.

And Ralphie is on recycling duty.

Reduce and reuse, sucka.

We’ve also been plenty active. I went to back-to-back classes this morning–superflow at Y2 Yoga (my favorite)¬†and my first (0f many) butt whooping at Hilliard Studio Method. If you’re in or around Charlotte or just come to visit, you have to take classes at these two places. Have to. I’ll go with you. Ralph and Weaz insist.


Cat pose.

Waldo has successfully done nothing at all today.

Ehhhh hate on, hater.

But he at least looks polite while doing nothing:

Good day.

While Weaz looks like this:


Weaz also has no table manners.


You gonna eat dat?

She’s a lost cause.

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