Sandwiches in Summer

Tempeh sandwich with muenster, carrot, bell pepper

It seems a bit off but I like to eat toasted sandwiches in the summer. Nope, not in the cold harsh months of winter that call for warm, crunchy, carby comfort. No, I eat them when it’s 95 degrees outside.

Toasted sandwiches take me back to this time last year when I had just bailed on adulthood, quit my job to start school and moved with Stew to a townhome with a pool. Toasted veggie sandwiches were the lunch item of choice on days when I dragged him out to the pool in the middle of his work-from-home day, which for me was the middle of my nth hour of doing absolutely nothing. It was a beautiful thing, a simpler time.


This year I don’t really know what doing nothing feels like. I don’t really want to go to the pool because I know I won’t have it in another month and then I’ll whine about it. I put a deposit on a place in the city for myself and he’s moving away to work on music. It’s good, we tell ourselves. And I think it will be. But I miss last year a lot.

6 thoughts on “Sandwiches in Summer

  1. That’s not an easy thing at all, all those changes coming in one big lump. Hope you know your readers are pulling for you–it all happens for a reason.

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