Garden to Table

This is on the hood of Stew's car. Truth.

Perhaps you’ve heard (here, here and here) that I’m a little excited about this little garden we planted. Unfortunately I neglected it a bit lot during finals and had to swing by over the weekend to salvage the remains of our nearly-ruined broccoli harvest. The horror.

Some of the broccoli had already (or at least almost) flowered but I managed to wrangle up a big sackful for dinner. I was also thrilled to death to find that our potatoes were producing at an impressive rate…


The onions were also on their last leg so I nabbed the last of them and now have more onions than any one person should ever possess. Ever.

I’m new to this whole community garden thing and I’m pretty sure I got the go ahead to help myself to plots that have been more or less abandoned for the summer… but is it wrong to take vegetables from another plot if you’re pretty positive they were left there to perish? Because that’s how I got these turnips.

I'm not ashamed.

Mario approves.

Hell, I wish someone had picked our broccoli before it flowered. And that’s why I’m gonna eat those turnips and never look back.

I took our harvest and made a beautiful dinner of roasted broccoli and charred green onions, skillet potatoes with garlic, onion and manchego cheese and baked tofu. We topped it off with mmm sauce which Stew had prepared in quadruple amounts on “accident” purpose.┬áSo perfect.

PS – I really did take that first picture on the hood of Stew’s car. Who needs a lightbox when your boyfriend drives a white car?

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