Here Comes the Storm

El Luchador smoothie - peanuts, cacao, hemp milk

The storms that have been tearing up the south the past month are making the apocalypse loonies look pretty legitimate. You’ve heard the world is ending on May 21, right? Best live it up, y’all. I heard on NPR that true believers of this movement have quit their jobs and are spending their savings to ZERO in an anticipation of May 22 not coming. Crazy.

I’m not on board but I do find it unsettling that we’ve had such intense storms tearing through all over the country. Call me crazy but something tells me it’s global warming and not the end of mankind. Just a thought.

Tornado alley?

Hey neighbor

As far as I know there weren’t any tornadoes last night but our cheap plastic fence can’t handle the 60mph winds the storm threw at it so it collapsed in a heap. The table and umbrella were also on top of my car. No big deal on our end. I’m hoping there wasn’t worse damage elsewhere.

In honor of a strong and powerful storm, I have for you a strong and power smoothie: el luchador from Luna’s. I wasn’t feeling much like a luchadora last night when I ordered it. In fact, I was being rather helpless. I had picked up a couch for my place and didn’t feel comfortable driving with it sticking out the back secured with only the straps I could find at the Family Dollar. So I called Stew and made him come up. He was rewarded with dinner at Luna’s. My appetite has been shot (hey stress) so I got el luchador.


It’s like a grown up, far healthier version of my old peanut butter banana smoothie with organic peanuts, cacoa and hemp milk. Remember that time Stew made a boyfriend version of the smoothie with an ice cream sandwich blended in? Not quite what I drank last night… Hopefully mine put a little fight back in me.

I’m off to get my butt handed to me at Hilliard Studio. Hope everyone in my area is ok following the storm!

11 thoughts on “Here Comes the Storm

  1. Wow those winds must have been ridiculous to throw a table and umbrella on your car!

    Wind storms have always scared the crap out of me, since I lived in an old house with rickety windows and siding. Glad you’re ok :)

    Good luck at yoga, and hopefully it’ll help you de-stress!

  2. Those May 21st crazies have a billboard up in Columbia, right off of I-26. They also have this professionally painted up van they drive around in. It’s gonna be real awkward for them on the 22nd.

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  4. yeah I heard about that today. kind of ironic that it is a “Christian” group making the claims, yet the bible clearly states that nobody knows the exact date of the end. anyways…. lol

    enjoy your night

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