Caturday 5/14/11


Since I’m writing this last night… assuming we made it through Friday the 13th in one piece, Happy Caturday! Weaz insisted we watch horror movies but we ate raw food instead.

Not only was yesterday a “freaky Friday” of sorts, it also marks a significant win for the cats (and Waldo) in the epic battle: AIR CONDITIONING.

Yes, due to animal protest, we finally did turn on the air.

Turn on the air or I turn on the KILL YOU

Without air, I will surely perish.

Wait, what?

The cats (namely Weaz) are dramatic as hell about the heat but the decision to turn on the air was more for Waldo and (a tad bit selfishly) for us. His breath is like rotting pile of feces-stuffed wheel of cheese and when he pants that’s what the whole house smells like. It was definitely time.

And now I would like a treat.

Now I can sit upright! (Look at her feet)

Now that everyone is happy we can all rest comfortably.

Especially Waldito.

4 thoughts on “Caturday 5/14/11

  1. Aw Weaz is such a lady! When our air conditioning is off, my cat literally does not move the whole day. And when the sun sets, he bolts outside. Probably to tell all the other cats what horrible owners we are lol.

  2. Neighbor’s dog had terrible breath……….went to vet………..had 3 teeth pulled…………expensive……ugh! Their other dog had sixteen teeth pulled and they only eat dry food. How many teeth does a dog have anyway?

    • Our 13yo dog has had 3 teeth pulled in the last year. Poor girl keeps cracking and breaking them. Yes, quite expensive and a major culprit in rotting feces-stuffed cheese wheel breath. Thankfully she’s much happier without those painful, rotting teeth (though she now inhales her kibble ’cause she can’t really chew). And now her breath smells like unicorns and rainbows.* Win-win!

      *Disclaimer: her breath actually smells like… nothing.

      P.S. Hilarious photos and captions, as always. Love.

  3. That last picture is adorable! Aww Waldo. You’re so cute, even if your breath smells so bad. lol.

    Sometimes Bailey’s breath is really stinky, too!

    So cute…so stinky. hehe

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