Eating at the Mall

... or not.

With work in full swing, I’m back in packed lunch mode. I’m a firm believer that a hectic life is not reason enough to eat garbage or spend money you don’t have on food you don’t really want. Ya heard? In my first three full days (like, 9 to 5 days) of mall work, I found myself stopping by Starbucks every afternoon. Not only do I not have money to drop on that mess, I also don’t want to become one of “those” people. You know who you are.

So now that I’m working in a mall, I feel it’s important to give myself moments of un-mall time. That’s why I’m packing my own food-court-free food and savoring it outside in the grass as far away from fluorescents lights as I can get. For lunch today: leftover raw lasagna and berries. I also had a coconut water, popcorn with trail mix and a raw almond joy bar later in the afternoon.

This shall keep me sane. Sane enough that I don’t go completely apeshit on some poor, unsuspecting Starbucks employee one day…

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