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When I went to take a picture of my lunch the other day, I realized this photo reveals some interesting tidbits about the life behind this blog. Should you be interested, the trinkets on my desk signify:

  1. I’ve spent some time in Spain – The skull and frog paperweight to the left is a symbol from the University of Salamanca found carved into the intricate facade of the Universidad Civil. Legend has it that if you can find the lucky frog (or rana de suerte) without any help, it will bring you good fortune and romance. I studied in Spain during my senior year of college and went back again for work two years after I graduated. I love it. I miss it. I never did find that damn frog on my own and now he sits on my desk as a constant reminder.
  2. I am quite superstitious – I collect heads up pennies and believe they have magical lucky powers. (So you can imagine how soul crushing it was to not be able to locate that frog in Salamanca, right?) I will stop and pick them up no matter how embarrassing it may be to stoop and dive for an almost worthless piece of currency. And should I find it to be tails up, I move around it like it’s a rotting corpse. In fact, if pennies fall in my house and land tails up, I leave them where they are until someone else (Stew) comes along to collect them. The heads up pennies are all deposited in a small gold piggy bank.
  3. I am a cat lady – The magazine under Incendiary is Cat Fancy. Don’t judge me.

Do you find little odds and ends around your house that look like nothing but hold part of your life story? I think all homes should be decorated with items that mean something.

4 thoughts on “Snapshot

  1. Hah, I love this :) I used to collect heads-up anything, but mostly pennies. Eventually I stopped because I ran out of room. I think I spent everything but the pennies which are now located in my jewelry box, a box in my closet, and a box under the spare room bed… I need to be more organized with my collections. I also think anything with my birthday (8/16 or 1986) is lucky, and I have tons of coins with 1986 on them (yep, those are in the jewelry box). Now I feel crazy. Loved the frog story– maybe you’ll get to go back in the next few years and find it.

  2. Because of you, I STILL kiss my hand and touch the ceiling of the car whenever I pass a car with a light out or run a yellow light. And because of me my sister does it too. You superstition-spreader you!

  3. Lol I am superstitious too! I was sooooo excited to find a heads up penny on the sidewalk on my wedding day. It went in my shoe and ultimately is in my album :-)
    And as for the house being decorated with things that mean something – I always envied those beautiful “magazine homes” and now that we are selling our house ours is one of the (thanks to the stager) and honestly it feels like a museum not a home, there is none of ME in this house and I can’t wait to leave it every day (and move from it quickly I hope)

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