Berry Cupcake for One

Quick vegan cupcake with strawberry coconut frosting

Chocolate Covered Katie is at it again, this time with her single lady cupcake. I have yet to make something from her recipe index that I didn’t love. So check her out.

I must confess that I kind of violated the single lady cupcake code of honor. First of all, I made two of these. Second of all, one of them was for a man. And we shared it. Because I wanted the other one for breakfast. I’m a single lady cupcake fake. It feels good to share.

Anyway, whether you make one or one dozen of these babies, I think you’ll be happy with the result. They come together in 60 seconds, bake for 15 and are inhaled instantly.

Mmmm toppings

I topped mine with a simple combination of coconut butter and homemade strawberry jam. (I could eat that alone with a spoon Then I added blueberries for flair.

You can find Katie’s original single lady cupcake recipe here. I went with the applesauce option and added walnuts.

Make this.

Since I went with the fat-free option (applesauce instead of oil in the cupcake) these are definitely best hot out of the oven. Fat-free baked goods tend to set up a little tough and dry after a day. HOWEVER, I’m eating the other one for breakfast as we speak and it’s pretty damn amazing. So there’s that.

4 thoughts on “Berry Cupcake for One

  1. Oh no LOL you served it to a guy?! The horrors!
    Haha your post made me laugh so much. And then it made me smile so much too, because it is just so sweet.
    I love your flair, and I will have to try that coconut icing idea– it sounds incredible! I think your cupcake looks perfect for memorial Day!
    Happy Thursday… you made MY Thursday so happy already :) .

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