Chickpea Blondies

Vegan, gluten-free chickpea blondies

It’s official. I have a big, fat crush on Chocolate-Covered Katie. I just can’t find anything she makes that I don’t absolutely love. It’s completely out of control, I tell you.

In fact, I’ve started a “CCK Must Try” recipes page in Evernote just to keep track of all the chocolate-covered creations I want to get crackin’ on.

CCK’s chocolate chickpea blondies are brilliant. A simple mix of chickpeas, sugar, nut butter and chocolate chips (no flour at all!) somehow comes together to create a perfect little treat.

Help. I'm obsessed.

4 thoughts on “Chickpea Blondies

  1. The idea of using ground chickpeas is so interesting. In my mind, I can’t imagine it would taste good, but it’s still too weird not to try!

    Just wondering, your blondies seem darker than CCK’s, and more like brownies. Did you add anything extra??

    • I know, right? I accidentally added my chocolate into the blender with everything else rather than mixing it in at the end. I fished most of it out but I think some stragglers are what caused the color change.

  2. I just had to try these. AWESOME. Hummus and Blondies? Chickpeas are ridiculous. We added a little vanilla soymilk to help the blending process, yummy.

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