Caturday 6/4/11

The cat days of summer

It has been hot hot hot here in South Carolina and even though my pampered, indoor, air-conditioned cats don’t know what it’s like to live outside a constant 68-degree comfort zone (except that time we wouldn’t turn the AC on), they still like to dramatically drape themselves over furniture as if the world (or life) is ending.

Happy last Caturday in South Carolina, y’all. Next weekend I’ll be up to my eyeballs in cardboard boxes, sweat and probably some tears as I attempt to move my life (Ralph, Weaz and all) up to Charlotte.

Weaz is ready.

Moving is the worst, isn’t it? It is. I’ve pretty much been an inconsolable, dramatic, sensitive, broken down version of myself the last couple months since “The Move” decision was made. I understand people’s interest in and concern for what’s going on, but I promise you I will tear up if you ask me about it. And then you’ll feel uncomfortable. It’s best to just leave it alone until I get through next week. Then I’ll be all giddy about the new place. I’m just not there yet.

And we're not gonna make this easy either.

I can’t tell who hates moving more, me or the cats. Considering RALPH POOPED IN STEW’S CAR last year when we moved, I’d say she wins for least excited about next weekend. I, on the other hand, have no plans to poop on anything. Promise.

My pile or yours?

In case you’re curious, Waldo goes with Stew. He’s definitely his dog. Plus, this is how Ralph feels about him:

And stay out there!

I’m off to see if I can get anybody up to help move this packing process along. I don’t see it going well…

Something tells me you will pack alone.

4 thoughts on “Caturday 6/4/11

  1. Have you tried putting your finger under Weaz’s nose to make sure that she is still breathing? You know what new moms do to see if their infant is breathing. She looks waaaaaaaaaay to comfy in that last pic. Ralphie and Waldo, you are beautiful, too.

  2. katie – moving is never fun. let me know if i can do anything for you. even if you just need someone to bring you some food (or a drink!!!) on moving day.

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