Caturday 6/18/11

I still look like this.

It’s 1:30am on Thursday 6/16. I leave for the airport in three hours and rather than sleep at a least a little bit since I won’t be doing any of that for the next three days, I am up writing Caturday. You are very welcome.

I probably wouldn’t have slept much anyway considering these little devil beasts have decided to run sprints around my bed all night and then throw themselves against the window beginning promptly at 4am.

Yeah what of it?

Ralphie still looks glorious as a black lion and I spend most of my time just gazing at her. Remember when she looked like this?


She’s funny-looking no matter what. But since I got the carpet in the old place shampooed today and the cleaner’s response was: “How often do you vacuum? Triple that.” I’ve decided the lion cut is here to stay.

Aw shucks

La Weaz has been OUT of damn control in the new place. I think she’s looking for Waldo. Seriously. Don’t worry, Weaz. He doesn’t even know we moved. Poor senile old man.


I’ll be back in blogging action tomorrow with more NYC updates than you can stand.

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