Cure What Ails Me

Tea and soft serve

I don’t get sick very often (I believe the last time was a mild cold over the holidays when I was home for Christmas), but when I do, oh is it ever an event.

I’m a terrible, terrible patient, which is something I’m sure my mom will confirm after years of the flu and chicken pox and whatever else little kids are always spreading around to each other on blocks and dolls and other things that do not belong in the mouth.

Anyway, I’m difficult. I refuse to take medicine. I just whine and whine until someone offers to do something for me at which point I say, No thanks, and carry on with my whining. I guess I just want people to know I’m miserable. I also cry. I think I just feel bad for myself. Aahaha, it’s pitiful, really.

Get well soon

So now I’m alone and have no one to complain to. Not even Ralph and Weaz would stay up late enough to hear me suffer. I slept a good 12 hours and still feel like hell so I’m dragging myself to class and then going from there for the rest of the day. Maybe the echinacea tea and strawberry cold oats I had this morning will work their magical food superpowers and make me better.

I just hope I didn’t get Ralphie sick. We slept 12 hours and I’ve been up another 45 minutes and someone won’t get out of bed…

Bring me some tea.

5 thoughts on “Cure What Ails Me

  1. Girl, if I had some fur, maybe I would not have to hide in the covers. OR maybe, I’m a cat and that’s what we do.


  2. Awww, feel better! Being sick sucks. Maybe Ralph has the right idea though – if you feel that crappy (and possibly contagious?), bed might be a better place for you than class…

  3. I think what’s really going on is that you are going through RFOGC withdrawal. It happens. Best treated by delicious food, a good book, a comfy bed, exposure to cats, and endless thumbing through pictures of your recent reunion. Trust me, I’m a doctor… almost… is your hearing okay?

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