Banana millet muffin and grapes

Do you follow Simply Breakfast? You simply… should.

Sommmmebody only got 5 hours of sleep last night. I was too giddy with excitement about having the next three days OFF. Well, next three days minus this meeting I woke up ass early for. Three days minus the class I have today. And the test I have tomorrow.

You may be wondering: Didn’t you just go to New York? To which I would respond: Whatever, Trevor!

I need these days off to find another job. You follow?

SO… yesterday I decided to write down some things that were good in my life in that moment. I’m sick of complaining (and hearing other people complain too, heeeey). It went something like this:

Things that are awesome 6/28/11

  1. free access to a nice gym
  2. enough free time to go to said gym
  3. a free water handed to me just as I was thinking: I need water
  4. a car that gets me where I need to go
  5. that Pitbull song… which one? ALL OF THEM
  6. 30 minutes to myself in the sun
  7. accessible healthcare
  8. clean laundry
  9. Maggie so much as expressing interest in moving to CLT!
  10. Watching a storm roll in (and knowing my car is safely parked underground)

What’s good in your life these days? More importantly… what’s for breakfast?

7 thoughts on “Breakfast.

  1. My heart swells. I am in love with CLT thanks to you, and am obsessed with a house in your neighborhood. Let’s see if dreams can come true…?

    I love your list and think everyone should do one. Every day.

    What’s good in my life? See paragraph one. Aaaand the sweet puppy resting her head in my lap as I write this. And maybe the gluten free vegan coconut milk tart I made last night? We shall see…

  2. Steady job that I enjoy, plenty to eat, a great man by my side, loving friends, adorable dog, yoga, lots of rain, good health, the awareness to seek out the good in each day.

    And my day started with hot rolled oats with almond milk, strawberries, and a sliced banana. :)

  3. 1/2 a cantaloupe stuffed with Greek yogurt, PB and raw oats are breakfast this morning!

    I have my second double shift today. That’s 11 hours of waitressing in a row! But I am thankful for my day off tomorrow, and my hour of biking to get to and from work everyday. And 4th of July fun coming up!

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