Caturday 7/2/11

Shh, Weaz is studying.

We here at Caturday would like to express our sincerest disgust for the fact that it is all of the sudden freaking JULY. When did this happen? Where did June go? And, hell, May for that matter? The last thing I remember I was getting ready for finals. Then I blacked out and woke up in Charlotte… in July… and Ralph looks like this:


Good thing Weaz is here to hold down the fort and get me through my classes.

It's the square root of blah blah fleh fleh nrrr alpha pi booger.

[That is honest to God what my stats professor sounds like to me. Gibberish, I tell you.]

I got this.

Good thing Weaz got this.

SO… something very important. Remember all those times (ok that one time) I told you Ralphie looks like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon? Well, I have more evidence.


AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. I can’t even stand it. Cackling away in my bed. HAHAHA.

Emo Ralph is offended and angsty.

I really shouldn’t make fun of Ralph. Really. Time for serious time on Caturday… Poor Ralphus has been seriously stressed out since the move. Stressed out to the point that she’s taken to gnawing on her right paw until it bleeds. I don’t know what to do with her but she seems to be calming down over time.

Because Ralph was a rescue (you can read about that whole story–and see baby Weaz pictures!–here), I am hyper aware of her stress level. She was a mangy, pregnant mess when I found her but she did still have a collar on, which tells us she belonged to someone at one time… which tells me she’s always a little bit terrified of getting dumped again. Needless to say, cat carriers, car trips, vet trips and moves do not bring the little nugget joy. She’ll be fine but I hate causing her any sort of distress. I think she needs a cat therapist.

Seriously though.

Anybody else have a severely neurotic pet you can tell me about to make me feel like less of a pet owner failure?

Oh, and Weaz’s mental state since we moved? She probably doesn’t know we moved. Not the quickest one, that Weaz. She was the runt after all.

9 thoughts on “Caturday 7/2/11

  1. I adopted a Katrina dog who was NUTS when we first met her. She would be extremely socially awkward with seemingly no explanation. It took her like 3 years to really love her sister-dog and then suddenly she was social. Now it’s her sister that hates men and is socially awkward *sigh*. The only lasting thing from Katrina that we can tell is that she hides in small spaces or is glued to our legs when it storms.
    Your cat is totally normal. You are a good cat-momma! And I always am excited when I wake up on Saturdays to find Caturdays. :)

  2. Aw I just read that post on Ralph’s story. I never knew that Ralph was Weaz’s mother! Do they kind of have a mother/son relationship still???

    My cat was also a rescue. He was at an animal shelter with five of his brothers and no mother. I picked Kennedy because he was the smallest and most spirited one, but spent most of the first month hidden behind our dryer. But now, he’s a lazy and normal seven-year old lol.

  3. Aw, you’re not a fail-kitty-mama. They just deal with stress in bizarre ways. Really, not so different from a human chewing their nails or cuticles, obsessive picking, or hair-pulling. When one of my cats had to be put down a few years back (progressive kidney disease that turned into renal failure), her foster-sister (they’d been together since they were 6 weeks old) went into mourning. Mourning that manifested itself as obsessive belly-grooming–she groomed herself a big ol’ bald spot on her calico belly. Over time, the impulse has gradually reduced. Ralph’s will, too!

  4. Aw poor Ralph! Jozy does the obsessive belly grooming like Meg mentioned. It started sometime last year but doesn’t line up with stressful situations– she just does it! She gets little sores there occasionally :( The vet keeps telling me it’s because she has fleas. Um. NO. Ralph will be okay! I know how stressed you are :(

  5. Have you met Maggie?

    She’s a nut. I’ve tried everything. I always thought she would calm down. Heck, I even got James just for her but it had no effect.

  6. I went away for a week at the end of June, and my dog, Lilly, started gnawing on her foot! She has stripped a spot about the size of a nickel, completely bald of fur and WON’T leave it ALONE! I’m about to take her to the vet, to just make sure it isn’t anything more serious.

    But animals, they tend to do this… I guess my being away stressed her out, even though her “Daddy” was still there with her. (She loves ME more, yay!).


  7. I’m obviously behind on caturday. How could I have missed cat therapy training??? Since I’m already a licensed people therapist, I wonder if I can just take a weekend course and begin seeing cats. That would be awesome.

  8. I just found your website via Caitlin and Caturday is hilarious. I’e tried to do the same with my cats but they’re not as responsive–or lazy. Or know exactly what I’m saying but choose to ignore me anyway.

    I just read about how you got Ralph and subsequently Weaz and it sounds exactly the same with me. In fact two cats showed up on my porch one day and my dad decided to feed them. Big mistake! So we kept them but then one disappeared and I was sad. The one we kept, Fatty, ended up getting pregnant right before we could get her spayed. But now Fatty lives with two of her 7 children and one crazy cat named Mischief. He’s got a story that sometimes I don’t even want to believe.

    I took him in when the BF found him living in a condo maintenance closet. Apparently he had been there for ages with only one guy occasionally feeding him. As a result, he now eats like there’s no tomorrow–scarfing his food down in seconds–and makes the weirdest noises (like a-rowr or sometimes something that sounds similar to “mom.” He’s crazy but has been lots of progress since he first came into my life…like, now I can hold him for all of 3 minutes before he tries to wrangle his way out of my arms.

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