Peaceful Dissonance


I’m an equal opportunity eater. Meals are not selected based on race, sex, age, handicap, religion, national origin or with any regard to appropriate food pairing.

That is how this happens:

Stuffed zucchini, masala burger and refried beans

Yes, you saw right. That’d be a stuffed zucchini, masala burger and refried beans plopped in one skillet for one meal. Italy, India and Mexico living together in peaceful dissonance.

Why can’t the world be more like my kitchen?

7 thoughts on “Peaceful Dissonance

  1. You’re cute, Katie! I always enjoy reading your blog/tweets, and you know what? I’ve been testing out your theory about the top 10 featured friends on my Facebook profile and it seems like it’s so true!

  2. how do you make stuffed Z? what do you stuff it with? and apparently you stalk me often on fb. which i dont believe but am comforted bc i frikin loooove your blog :-)

    • i stalk everyone ;)

      i stuffed this particular zucchini with red quinoa, chicpeas, marinara sauce and some grated cheese. totally good. just cut the zucchini length wise, scoop out the seeds so you have a nice little boat, stuff it with whatever you want and bake until the zucchini is tender.

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