Sun on White

My house smells like broccoli at all times.

Natural sunlight on a white desk is doing amazing things for my lunches. Isn’t she pretty? That’s roasted broccoli, a baked sweet potato, Dr. Praeger burger and a flawless avocado from Trader Joe’s. I had the same thing for dinner.

Similarly, staying dizzyingly busy is doing amazing things for my sanity. Today I went nonstop from 5am to right now. It went something like:

A lot of people have been asking how I’m doing. Right now only nighttime sucks. And it sucks hard, let me tell you. But the days… they’re not so bad as long as I stay soul-numbingly occupied. Today felt especially “on,” if you will. I wrapped up my stats class with a final that I don’t think was so terrible. I got my oil changed like an adult. I stocked up on supplies for my birthday party tomorrow and made two batches of cupcakes that do not appear to be terrible. A little bird dropped the yoga teacher training idea in my head again (now is just still not the time for me, I’m afraid). My friend Sandwich (yes we call her Sandwich and no I won’t explain it any more; gotta keep up, son!) sent me a little love in the form of this song today. And I’m about to pass out and wake up to an early-morning yoga class.

I’m doing ok.

6 thoughts on “Sun on White

  1. I’m just recently went through a break up that I didn’t see happening ever, that I feel is for the best, and with someone who I feel nothing but affection for. Nights are the worst for me, too. I don’t know if knowing a stranger is going through a similar thing makes you feel better, but if it does… I can relate.

  2. katie – that little bird is the same one that finally helped me see that there wouldn’t ever be a perfect time and to go for it. YTT is truly a transformational, life-changing experience. it set so many amazing things in motion in my life. as soon as you think it’s even a remote possibility to pull off – DO IT!

    can’t wait to see you tonight.

  3. I’m kinda excited for you to be a yoga teacher one day. I’d totally drive the 3 hours to CLT to take your class once (well maybe… I do hate driving :) . Glad to hear you’re doing okay Katie. The last awful breakup I went through I just wrote and wrote and wrote– in a journal. I had never journaled in my life, but it helped so much. Lastly I cannot eat broccoli anymore because it makes me too farty. So… quit taunting me. Kthanks. ;P

  4. I’ve been reading your blog for months and haven’t commented, but I suddenly felt compelled to do so! It seems like you’re handling your situation with such strength and grace. I’m a teacher (not the yoga kind but the middle school kind), and I think with your humor, wit, and genuine compassion, you’d make an excellent yoga teacher. We teachers, of any kind, need those qualities!

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