Caturday 7/9/11

It's MY birfday now, beetch.

Hello and happy Caturday: Birthday Edition. I’ve learned that even though the cats have their own birthday in May, they’ve chosen to hijack mine, too. Just look how hungover these drunkards are from my their birthday part last night:

Pleeeease, I need hashbrowns.

I'll never drink again.

Weaz says that now but just eight short hours ago she looked like this:

Mmm vodka, you are my best friend.

I tried to talk her out of her fourth pint glass of vodka but… by that point telling her anything but “WE’RE GOING TO TACO BELL, WEAZ” pretty much falls on deaf ears.

In hindsight the chalupa was a mistake

Ralph can control her drinking better than Weaz but it doesn’t stop her from being a big ol’ bitch to my guests. Just look at this:

HEEEY. I hate you.

She also tried to get in Julie’s purse (no doubt to steal her wallet) and didn’t get me a present.

I will not apologize.

Plus, I got you these apples?


No she didn’t. My mom sent those. Weaz definitely didn’t get me anything. In fact… she steals things from me most of the time. Behold:

Nothing to see here...


Didn’t know it was my birthday? How awkward for you. Here are some last-minute gift ideas:



Ship them to: c/o Weaz, Caturday Headquarters, Charlotte NC.

Anyway, looks like I’m off to nurse these hungover felines back to life. After that I’m headed to Asheville with my little sister.

Me too.

No… she’s not.

Happy Caturday to all and to all a good… shot?

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