Caturday 7/16/11

Critical Weaz doubts you.

Ew. I never update my WordPress techy thingies and I finally did and am unhappy to report that I hate the updates for version 3.2.1. Ew.

End rant. Happy Caturday! Does it feel like fall where you are, too? I love me some heat and hate me some cold but this temperature seems to be the best of both worlds. I approve.

Weaz does not.

I regret to inform you that I haaaaven’t taken so many pictures of the cats this week.

Because you don't love us.

Because I’ve been taking pictures of But look…

There's Ralph back there.

And here’s Weaz burying herself underneath me while I’m trying to read on the couch.

Weaz pillow

Perhaps the most significant event of this pre-Caturday week was watching me move from curious to concerned to straight up PANICKED to sweet glorious relief when looking for, losing and eventually finding my childhood security blanket(s).

My “blankets” are actually three of my mom’s old nightgowns. I’ve had them forever and ever and my mom always said I’d probably walk down the aisle with them if given the chance. (No but I might have them sewn into my garter in some way.) When I went to first grade she had to cut the pocket out of the robe so I could take it with me. With a toy pig tucked inside. My grandmother eventually sewed me a bag for my three gowns because I kept losing them when I spent the night at her house. But then I wore the bag down until it was so full of holes the gowns would just fall out and get lost again. And then I tried to patch it up myself but it looked like Frankenstein so it’s gone now. The gowns remain. But then I got a boyfriend and they got tucked away somewhere. And then they were lost. And then I didn’t have a boyfriend any more and I got sad and wanted them back but I thought they got thrown out in the move. But then Ralphie found them in a box. And here they are:

Mine now, bitch.


3 thoughts on “Caturday 7/16/11

  1. You’re so cute. I’ve had Teddy bear–a gift from my grandparents (RIP) the first time they saw me–since practically the day I was born. I love that he’s older than me, built in ’85, and I was born in ’86. I think I finally retired him to my hope chest last year (so.. I was 24). I still get him out and hug him from time to time.

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