And Everything Changes

Soup on an old table

I have had the world’s busiest day off ever. And it has been lovely. I had two beautiful yoga classes, time to do my laundry FO FREE, lots of time outside in the sun and a lovely chat with a lovely new friend.

I started my “free time” bright and early with a 6am wake up call for hot yoga. I don’t sleep much any more…

Class was fantastic. Lots of assists, including standing drop back to wheel and return to standing (I looked nothing like that guy). I feel good about my practice right now. Strong but ready to move on and learn more challenges.

Because one class is just never enough, I met up with my friend Annie at Om Yoga for a lunchtime class, too.

Om Yoga, Baxter Village

Om is a wonderful loft studio closer to my old apartment that I used to visit before I moved up to Charlotte. Before it opened last year, there were no studios in that area. We were in desperate need, let me tell you.

Maria, the owner, teaches wonderful power hours and hot vinyasa classes that I love. In fact, today’s class wasn’t even hot but I was still sweating like a fiend. I also loved that she opened class with a story and a chance for a little group meditation. One thing she said that really stuck with me was this:

“Breathe and everything changes.”

Inside Om

To me, this has two meanings:

  1. When things are bad, we can focus on our breath to move us through. By the end of it all, not only will the bad situation have changed to good but we ourselves will be transformed, too. In yoga you breathe through a tough posture and end up stronger and more flexible. In life you breathe through tough times and end up stronger and more flexible. Amazing how that works. Breathe and everything changes.
  2. Whether you’re having a great day (or week or month or year) or a terrible one, it can all change in an instant. In one breath your world can turn upside down, for better or for worse. There’s really no stopping that. Breath and everything changes.

I had a “breathe and everything changes” moment today. Since I was down in that neck of the woods, I decided to stop by my brother’s house, which involves driving by my and Stew’s old house, too. It was not a great feeling being there. It brought back a lot of emotion that I feel like (just in the last week or so) I’m finally getting a handle on. And then I realized there’s just not a whole lot I can do about it. I took a breath three weeks ago and my whole world changed. It’s hard, but I know that if I take another breath (and another one and another one and another one…), it will all change again. Asi es la vida.

So anyway, my point is that I love Mari and Om Yoga. WINK.

My budget conscious self was smart enough to pack up lunch to eat at my brother’s house while I waited for laundry. I brought soup with quinoa and lima beans and some watermelon. (I ate an entire watermelon in 24 hours. Don’t hate.)

I also enjoy digging through my brother’s pantry and fridge whenever I’m there to see what kind of crap he’s eating these days…

Be still, my heart

Baked Cheetos?!? Baked Cheetos were only my favorite diet food in the world. I could eat an entire bag in one sitting, which, as you know, is why I do not condone the consumption of “diet” junk foods and no longer do so myself. Anyway, I ate one and it tasted like shit.

I also found evidence that he had visited my grandparents recently because a tray of “Dad’s favorite cookies” was on the table. And everybody knows only Grandmother Betty can make them… I snagged one.

Dad's favorite cookie

And then, as all good days should, my day ended with frozen yogurt and a chat session with Miss Katy Loves.


What a breath of fresh air this girl is. She moved up from Orlando the same day I moved into the city and we just now got together. Long overdue.

Hey behbeh.

I had: cake batter, mint coffee swirl and mounds topped with brownies, cookie dough and marshmallow cream. Hello.

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