A Void

My FAVORITE salad. Keyword: Pickles.

I know I said I’d move on, that everything would be ok and that I’d get my life together, but the past couple of days have been tough. It’s like there’s this gaping hole in my life that could just swallow me up. I just want something to look forward to. I just want something consistent. Something that will give me hope.

I just… want to watch The Bachelorette¬†at 8pm EST every Monday night. Ya heard?

Gotchaaaa. And you thought I was about to get all brokenhearted on you…

It’s true. Ever since Ashley and JP fell madly in love on Monday night’s final episode and “After the Final Rose” came to a close freaking HOURS later, I’ve been stumbling around like a deranged person trying to find meaning in a world without The Bachelorette.

What will I do with my time? Who will I stalk? What excuse will I have to get drunk and eat cookies on a Monday night? IS THERE NO HOPE?

Ah, but there is…


Bachelor Pad Countdown: T-minus FIVE DAYS.

You like how I’ve hijacked this food blog and turned it into a rant blog with a picture of food at the top of each post and an occasional–ok, frequent–dessert recipe? You’re welcome. That salad? That’s my favorite salad. Romaine, carrots, celery, PICKLES SON, green beans, Trader Joe’s veggie masala burger, homemade honey mustard (but maple syrup mustard today because I ran out of honey).

7 thoughts on “A Void

  1. One of my guy friends (Kirk) is going to be on the show this season! We are watching the first episode with him, because I hear some crazy stuff happens right off the bat (but honestly, how could it not!)

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