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Kale salad w/tofu, edamame, cantaloupe

I bought this bike two or three years ago when gas was like $5/gallon and I thought it might be a good way to save money. At the time, I lived like two miles from work, was commuting whopping 10 minutes a day and filled my gas tank up every two months or so. In hindsight, I didn’t really need to save money on gas and a $500 bike was certainly not adding any jingle to my piggy bank.

It should be noted that my brother pointed this out to me the day I bought the bike and I told him of course he wouldn’t understand and to stop being such a wasteful Earth-hating Republican.

At any rate, I bought the bike. I wanted it in black with a brown seat because I am a neutral kind of girl but that one was like $1000. So I asked for it to be ordered in green and then customized with a white seat, handlebars and big gaudy bubble tires. It arrived in orange. Bright orange. Too impatient to wait for them to re-order, I just took it.

It will horrify some, but I didn’t wear a bike helmet as a kid so when I bought this bike I didn’t get one either (even though the sales guy pushed it really hard). I got not 15 feet from the store, almost got hit by a car, nearly flew over the handlebars to stop that from happening, and immediately turned around to go purchase a helmet.

It’s white and makes me look like a storm trooper. And I wear it every time I ride.

A sight to be seen.

I’m aware I look straight up ridiculous dressed as a storm trooper riding this tacky orange beach cruiser in urban settings, but I need to get at least $500 worth of gas mileage out of it.

Yesterday I took my tacky bike down to the park to enjoy a lovely lunch of massaged kale salad with tofu, edamame and cantaloupe. And then I pedaled back to the Galactic Empire.

12 thoughts on “About a Bike

  1. Love it. I wish I had a bike and could use it to get to campus every day, but I’d have to cross some pretty dangerous intersections and don’t want to risk it, boo.

  2. I’m glad you took the orange bike anyways – it looks awesome, especially with the white helmet :)
    I’ve been thinking of getting a bike to commute the 30 minutes trip to my campus classes. Unfortunately I am ‘balanced challenged’ – have you ever found it hard to carry (ex. a backpack) while on the bike or do you just put everything in the basket?

  3. Love this, need to see a picture of you as the storm trooper! I have an also tacky and childlike tiny purple beach cruiser as a bike. I think mine cost less than $100, though, because it was a 3 Kings Day present from my folks and those presents are supposed to be notsobig. Good luck on your quest for getting $500 worth out of your bike!

  4. Be careful!

    I bought an ‘urban hybrid’ to ride to work and to the bar, and now I own FOUR bikes, and for vacation this year rode one of them from NYC to Montreal. Which is 410 miles. On vacation.

    They can multiply, and then they will OWN YOU.

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