Some Food is Ugly

Steamed kale, crumbled tempeh, cashew cheese sauce

I’ve eaten this plate of food multiple times this week and photographed it in multiple different lighting options and every time I think, “Well that’s just too ugly to post.” I even added an orange to pretty it up. No go.

But since it tastes so crazy delicious, I feel like I can’t deprive you all of the knowledge of the combination:

  • Steamed kale
  • Crumbled tempeh
  • Cashew cheese sauce

The cashew cheese sauce is something I made on the fly with raw cashews, water, nutritional yeast, paprika, vegan worchestire sauce and salt and pepper. But since I don’t measure anything it’s probably best that I direct you to someone who does… Cashew cheese from Berlin’s Whimsy.

I know Angela at Oh She Glows makes it too but couldn’t find any recipes…

At any rate, whenever you find a recipe that works, take it and immediately slather it over a mountain of greens and crumbled tempeh. It won’t be the prettiest girl at school, but wasn’t she always kind of a slut anyway?

5 thoughts on “Some Food is Ugly

  1. This looks delicious…did you make the cashew sauce in a food processor or a high- speed blender..or using something else?

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