So Long, Summer

I'll miss you, watermelon.

This summer was pretty monumental for me, to say the least. I ended a three-year relationship, moved to a new city, started a new job and did my best to keep it all together when inside I was falling apart. There were a lot of constants to keep me on track–yoga, cats and family–but the past three months were truly an experiment in change, in stepping outside my comfort zone and in redefining who I am.

In case you missed it I…

Made an entirely raw meal

Joined the Charlotte Food Bloggers

Shared pictures of Baby Weaz as a… baby

Started making my own almond milk

Monetized the blog (click away, y’all! click awaaaaay!)

Got Ralph a lion cut

Moved into my own place

Visited NYC for the first time

Gave you a reason (or five) to do yoga

Did my first professional photo shoot

Ended my relationship with Stew

Turned 26

Ate nothing but Carolina food for a week

Equated breaking up to getting pregnant

Ate my weight in brownies

Waxed on poetically about yoga

Discovered white jeans

Celebrated the blog’s second birthday

Showed a mechanic who’s boss

Drove to Philly

And rediscovered my love of alcohol

In many ways this should have been the worst summer of my life. And maybe it was. But looking back on it like this, I can see that the breakup was just a blip in an otherwise full and fun and beautiful life.

This summer was bittersweet, yes, but it was good. Kind of like chocolate chips, which are actually great.

I hit my lowest lows this summer but I also hit some pretty high highs. I’ve made friends. I’ve made my apartment my own. And, dare I say it, I’ve made a life here–by myself and for myself–that I really love. Not bad for three months.

13 thoughts on “So Long, Summer

  1. goodbye to bittersweet, and bring on the frickin sweet (censored only for the 18 and under viewing audience. please insert the full blown F word to this comment to be read aloud by the little voice in your head).

    Thus begins the season of apple cider, apple picking, morning hikes, pumpkin carving, GLUTEN FREEEEEEING, and personal revolutions. also, rum. Warm, delicious rum. YEAH FALL!

  2. it has been quite an eventful summer for you but it seems you’ve come out on the other side even stronger and more amazing than your were before (if that’s even possible).

  3. I too had a ridiculous summer with many lows (break up, stolen car, paying a buttload to retrieve stolen car that had 7 parking tickets, etc.) but doesn’t it feel great when you can list out all the HIGHS that took place? I guess we should just always remind ourselves of all the awesome things that happen in our lives, and how it can always balance out with the right attitude. One of my life mottos is “Gratitude makes what we have enough.” Amen.

    Also, this reminded me of you. :]

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