Caturday 9/10/11

Tough love with Ralphie: You are a disaster.

Happy cool, crisp Caturday morning! The weather in the south has finally switched from sweltering to bearable and (in the morning, anyway) even chilly at times. Ralphie for one can’t wait to rock her new thigh-high leather boots.

Speaking of, are those only for streetwalkers? I mean, Ralph was before I took her in so it makes sense. But… those thigh-high boots are only for strippers, right? I want some.

THE POINT IS… fall is here!


Which means the windows are open. Which means the cats get to sit in the window. Which means they are preoccupied long enough for me to go spend a million dollars on their expensive ass food.

I gave my left arm for this. And I'm a lefty.

$20 a bag. TWENTY DOLLARS. I don’t even know the last time I spent $20 on one item. (Isn’t that sad? Don’t answer.) But for the cats… anything for the damn cats.

You bet your ass anything.

I didn’t want to buy the cats nice food (don’t judge me!) but my mom told me I was being a bad mom and that I had to give them what they want. They want $20 cat food. In an effort to avoid giving my mom a reason to believe that if I’m a bad cat mom I’ll be a bad mom mom, I buy the food. But I’m not happy about it.

We are.

8 thoughts on “Caturday 9/10/11

  1. my windows are open today too! yay for autumn!
    i once bought super cheap food for couscous and then read the ingredients . . . i felt like such a bad cat mom! i’ve switched to a food i feel more comfortable with, but it’s definitely not $20 . . . you totally win the cat mom of the year award!

  2. props on buying organix! i have been wanting to switch to their brand for a while since i know they use free-range chicken etc, but I have two fairly large dogs and I’m having trouble parting with 40 bucks for a bag of dog food that won’t even last us a month :( right now i buy rachel ray (even though i find her totally irritating) because the first ingredient is chicken and not cornmeal and the proceeds go to shelter dogs. it’s the best compromise i can make right now, but organix is the first thing i’m going to buy when i get out of school and make some money!

  3. I can totally relate to spending far too much money on our dog. We also make special trips to the market to get her roast chicken and rice from the hot bar. I realize this is not normal, and totally indulgent, but I love her. End of Story. You are a good cat mom.

  4. At least you don’t have to buy them prescription food like I do for mine! Yes you read that right…prescription freaking cat food. It costs like 30 bucks for this little bag that my cats snarf through immediately. This is what happens when you have one cat that is morbidly obese and one cat that has IBS. Good times.

  5. I love your kitties. I have a black and white quite similar to yours. We feed our kits on premium biscuits and supermarket wet food – they enjoy the combo, and I think the premium stuff is good for their fur (always soft) and general health.

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