Caturday 9/24/11

Good day.

Whoa, Caturday. Slow down. It’s already after noon and still I have not updated the world on the state of Ralph and Weaz. Maybe it has something to with me living in a constant state of RUSHING SOMEWHERE AT ALL TIMES. I can’t even handle it.

I’m currently blogging this from a coffee shop near work, counting pennies to buy a much needed caffeinated beverage (because I left my money, ID and sanity in the purse I carried last night) and trying to figure out how I’m going to pull off this day without passing out. Good work, Katie.

ANYWAY, the cats are furious with me this weekend because I’m spending all my time with these little nuggets:

Gabby... Gabbie? Gaby? I don't know.



I did swing by my house this morning long enough to feed the cats and wash the week’s worth of dishes that has been tormenting me even from afar. Just knowing they’re in there makes me crazy.

Naturally, as soon as every single dish in my house was clean, Weaz decided to sit in the window directly above them with a cloud of cat hair in her wake.

I do what I want.


I’m pretty sure that I when I get back to my house on Sunday, I will die at the hands paws of this one…

I know where you sleep.

I’m so exhausted from last night’s Fashion Week shenanigans. The cats are too.

(Didn’t you know Ralph and Weaz are on Facebook? Duh.)

But you know what I get to do? I get to work all day uncaffeinated because I can’t find enough pennies. This is gonna get ugly. But come 10pm, I’ll be curled up with a chihuahua in my lap watching cable that I don’t have to pay for. Thank you god.

Save me a spot, Tia.

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