Caturday 10/1/11


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If I had known four years ago that I would have cat hair on my clothes, in my food and all over everything in my house until I’m, like, 40, I probably would’ve thought a little harder about letting my little sister feed that fat stray black cat chicken nuggets…

That’s not true. I wouldn’t give up the cats for anything. In fact, just yesterday I was telling my friend Ashley (she’s a maniac; check her out) that I’m thinking about getting them health insurance since there’s no limit to the subterranean level of debt to which I would plummet in order to save their lives should anything ever go awry.

We are priceless.

You think I’m kidding.

Anyway, the cats have one job and one job only on this lovely brisk Caturday morning and that’s announcing the five winners of the Lundberg/Stonehouse 27 giveaway. Weaz is nursing a hangover so without further adieu, Ralph is here with our winners…







I will email you all to collect your shipping info and final flavor choices (you’re not married to whatever you mentioned in your comment; especially you, Meredith, since you were just mesmerized by my Tupperware…).

Hot Pocket, please.

2 thoughts on “Caturday 10/1/11

  1. hahaha so funny that i just commented on the tupperware! it’s true though, my tupperware cupboard looks nothing like that! ANYWAY, a more appropriate response: coconut cilantro + the country wild brown rice. :) happy (belated) caturday!

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