Caturday 10/15/11

Gluconeogenesis, bitches.

Happy I’M-ON-VACATION Caturday! My college friends and I have descended on our old stomping grounds to relive our glory years and I have already eaten a pizza at 2am and been yelled at by a cop to “stop laying in the street.” Things are going well.

Like any responsible graduate student, my friend Lindsay brought her books and is studying. Me? I left the cats in charge of highlighting anything they think I might need to know for the rest of the semester. They’re presenting me with an executive summary of their findings on Sunday.

It's hard to hold the highlighter without a thumb.

Ralph and Weaz would also like to take a moment to express their gratitude to everyone who emailed, tweeted, commented and Facebooked to let them know that, despite being called “NOT CUTE” and “unremarkable,” by an Internet hater, they are, in fact, cute and remarkable.

I am cute and remarkable.

Hate on, haters.

9 thoughts on “Caturday 10/15/11

  1. Unremarkable?! I look forward to reading Ralph and Weaz’s Caturday posts every week. I feel like their pictures ooze personality and spunk. Love them!

  2. Yay caturday!!! I just stopped by the humane society adoption and they had some of the cuuuuutteesssttt cats! It really made me want one. Alas, I already have 2 dogs and they gobble up my paychecks as it is lol! Rock on Ralph and Weaz.

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