Caturday 10/22/11


I slept for 30 of my 90 minutes of yoga today. Straight up curled up in the fetal position and just went to bed. This is either 1) exhaustion, 3) mono or 3) a sure sign that winter is on its way and I’m ready to hibernate.

The cats are with me on the hibernation. They usually greet me at the door when I come home, but as the temperatures drop, I’m more likely to find them balled up like the photo above or under my covers. I don’t even know how they get in there really…

That's my side of the bed, by the way.

Yes I do. Weaz can get in anything. The other night I heard a loud crash but when I went to investigate there were no cats to be found.

It took a minute but finally…


She also gets on top of things.

Did you need your backpack today? I need it.

Weaz looks a lot like a baby seal there (much like Ralph did this time two years ago… TWO YEARS??)

Speaking of Ralph… where the hell was she this week? No one knows. I can’t get her to stand still long enough to not just be a big black blur in a picture so I was forced to do this:


We’re off to make baked goods and watch TV and do ab-so-fu-cking-lute-ly nothing. Sorry, mom. I split it with a hyphen. It’s not really there. This was all an illusion…


Oh my sweet Jesus… I have forgotten to do this for a solid month.

A very long time ago on a Caturday far, far away, I mentioned my neurotic fear that my cats are somehow going to get trapped in a cabinet or closet or the oven or something and that’s why I insist on seeing them both and saying goodbye before I will walk out the door. Every time. It’s true.

Lauren commented and informed me that her ridiculous cat really did get stuck in the refrigerator one time. FOR TWENTY MINUTES.

I thought this was the funniest, most horrifying thing I’d ever heard and asked her to send me pictures of this glorious creature.

Sundance, the refrigerator cat.

From Lauren: “I would be honored to have my two babies (or just Sundance) included in a Caturday post! I’ve attached photos of both my cats; the black and white boy is Sundance, the tabby three-legged boy is Cassidy, so named for Hopalong Cassidy. (Nothing so obvious as Tripod for my baby.) Cassidy was named first, and Sundance sort of fell into the name by association. I swear, no Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid references were intended. I adopted them both from the local Humane Society, at a “BOGO” sale, I like to joke. Truth–I just happened to go in during a “special” and if you adopted one, you got a second free. So that’s how I ended up with two cats.

As for the fridge fun, well, Sundance loves to hop in whenever I don’t catch him first. I don’t know why. It all started because it’s tough to get him out without bribing him with food, which I don’t like to do. So I usually end up shutting the door, usually for a few seconds, to spur him out. The first time I forgot him in there, he was in for about 10 minutes when Cassidy, who adores his little (HUGE) brother, let me know that something was wrong. He just kept staring into the kitchen, which was very unusual, and then I realized I couldn’t find Sundance. Panic ensued when I realized I had left him in the fridge, but he hopped out, his fur just a little cool, and strolled away. And he still wants in the fridge every time I open it, so it obviously didn’t damage his psyche too much.

And then my mom apparently did the same thing, but I was out of town. That could have been disastrous, but thank goodness she went looking for him and remembered the fridge.

Other fun facts:

  • Sundance loves raw cauliflower and enjoys lettuce upon occasion
  • They have no table manners
  • The vet thinks Cassidy may have been born with three legs, as the length of his leg is a weird length for an amputation
  • Sundance weighs 18lbs; Cassidy is 10lbs (Sundance is on a diet) Maybe that explains the fridge fixation

They really are the most peculiar cats I’ve ever owned, and like you, I adore my babies to bits and pieces.”

HAHAHA. Thank you for existing.

And his friend Cassidy the three-legged cat.

Getting in things. Of course.


Thanks, Lauren!

14 thoughts on “Caturday 10/22/11

  1. I have a cat with three legs and a small deformed 4th leg too! She is also a hopper, but pretty nimble. She looks a little silly, but I love her so much! Love your blog Katie! Very open and honest, I feel like you write about everything I am thinking about too!

  2. Hehe :D When I used to live at my old apartment, we had this closet/cabinet thing that went from floor to ceiling, we usually left it open most of the time (because I’m lazy). So one day I go on this cleaning spree, and decide to close and latch it. About 6 HOURS later I hear meowing, and my boyfriend and I are searching all over the house for our cat. Our last place to look is the closet, when we open it, my cat jumps down out of it. I felt so bad! I didn’t even know he was in there!!

  3. Bean once crawled into the dryer without my knowing. it was never turned on, but she was locked in there for a good five hours. it took me a little to find her when i got home with a nice game of cat/owner marco polo…

    • He is on a diet from the vet. But I have been a little careless with the food; the last time I was at the vet, she asked me how he managed to GAIN weight while eating diet food. I mumbled something about it being my parent’s fault, and I’ve been trying to watch more carefully how much I feed him. :)

        • When he first went on it, he lost 3lbs. So he was down to 17lbs. (Yes, he was 20lbs. originally.) He has since gained back some. So, it did work, but I got a little careless with the measuring, which I am really trying hard to fix. But it’s hard. :) (And I truly think he has an eating disorder. As in, he eats everything that’s left out.) So I totally understand your frustration!

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