Caturday 11/5/11

This bed is mine now.

Happy productive Caturday, my friends. Since I didn’t do a thing I was supposed to last night, we’re taking care of business over here at Caturday Headquarters. I’ll get a handle on my schoolwork, so help me God…

We haven’t been entirely worthless this week. We did clean out my closet…

No one needs 13 pairs of jeans, Katie. No one.

The cats gave me their honest opinion on what should stay and what should go…

That outfit makes you look like a MOOSE.

Let's just light it all on fire and start over.

By the end we’d cleared out and condensed enough space to free up the spare room for our new roommate.

It was hard work.

New roommate? Yep. It happened. We crammed one more living creature into this tee-tiny little ill-equipped apartment. The cats have already claimed all of her belongings as their own…

What's yours is mine.

To give you an idea of how our personalities and styles will mesh, these are our teapots…

Mine is on the right.

And this is her bedside table:

Winston the frog butler

We are a match made in heaven. Words cannot even describe how great it feels to come home and see lights on in this little apartment.

Even the cats agree.

4 thoughts on “Caturday 11/5/11

  1. That is one awesome teapot! Hopefully your new roommate doesn’t mind cat hair. :) It was just a way of life in my house growing up. Cat hair on my bed, on my clothes, in my food…

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