Thanks, Trader Joe

Tempeh, tapenade, cheese, hummus, pickles

Yesterday’s food was brought to you by: Trader Joe’s. It’s ridiculous, really. Please don’t tell me Trader Joe’s is in some way destroying the world because it is my sole grocery store right now because it is CHEAP but still sells organic. Actually, does anyone have a strong opinion on TJ’s either way? I’m sure they are doing some major things wrong that get people all riled up… like supporting factory farmed produce that is raping the Earth and homogenizing our food supply… Do tell if you’re into that (and educated on it). But they do a whole lot of good, too. I haven’t looked into it. I’m sure someone will educate me…

Anyway, for those who missed it, I’m documenting my food for one week and one week only. Here’s day two…

Smoothie bowl with walnuts and iced coffee

Tempeh sandwich with carrot sticks & almond butter

Carrot ginger soup, quinoa, tofu, cashews

Snickerdoodle coffee with soy milk

Pretzels on the way to the bar

1 Mich Ultra at the bar with my brother

Midnight snack: carrots, cheese, pretzels, almond butter


I do. Believe me. I am a stress eater and used to have a lot of trouble with binge eating at night (I’ll devote a full post to this soon), but I identified that habit and have been able to squash it for the most part.

Last night I kept it together with a snack on a plate but still went back for a bowl full of leftover almond butter cup filling. Who keeps bowls of leftover almond butter cup filling in the fridge? I do. Obviously. I made those suckers like TWO WEEKS AGO but ran out of time or chocolate or something and set the extra filling aside to be used at another time. That time was last night at 1am…

I used dried apricots as a vessel whose sole purpose was to transfer that buttery, sugary goodness straight to my face.


Nope, Weaz should not be on the counter.

There you have it. Some notes…

  • I eat the same thing for breakfast almost every day.
  • Both lunch and dinner were eaten at work on this day. Tupperware is my friend.
  • My dinner looked like straight up vomit, right? Tasted just great, promise.
  • My intake was low on this day. I was busy and running around and not prepared for it.
  • Because my dinner was so light (and consumed at an ungodly early hour of 5pm), I knew I’d be snacking all night. And that happened. I don’t consider it a problem at all because I was legitimately hungry and my body was just telling me I hadn’t eaten enough during the day. Listen to your body.
  • I can’t wait until I have a normal human schedule that involves cooking real meals and sitting down to eat them.

12 thoughts on “Thanks, Trader Joe

  1. The biggest ‘bad’ thing about TJs is transportation. A lot of their produce comes from Mexico or elsewhere (one time I got an orange pepper there from the Netherlands??) = fossil fuel use. ALSO, even though I absolutely love me some TJs, everything in their store is shipped in from California. So for those of us in the Eastern time zone, it’s pretty depressing to think about how many gallons of gasoline it took to get our toilet paper/trailmix/sunflower butter from California to Michigan.

    I try to limit my TJs purchases… no matter how much i dig their candied pecans and two buck chuck.

  2. hahaha “my dinner looked like straight up vomit.” The sandwich looks delicious, though!

    I used to try and make myself go to sleep on an empty stomach but I’d always wake up hungry in the middle of the night & it would set me up for a binge later. If I’m hungry before bed, I snack on fruit or veggies. If I eat anything too heavy or if I don’t eat enough it’s hard for me to sleep. A bit of a fine line for me & can be tricky to balance sometimes :P

  3. I really appreciate how you demonstrate a very approachable way to eat an enjoyable healthy diet. Today may have been a “low intake” day but I know you have other days where you let loose and eat things that aren’t necessarily healthy (e.g. fried veggie burgers). Social health is important too! Thanks for being real!

  4. one good thing that TJs does is provide a list on their website (or so i am told) of which of their cheeses are vegetarian (and therefore are made with vegetable rennet) and which are made with rennet from animal products. one small win for vegetarians.

  5. For someone totally new to your blog (and eating this way)…it may be helpful for you to note whether you eat each meal hot or cold.

    Or maybe not- maybe that’s just me.

  6. Please, please, please devote a post to binge eating — it’s my major problem, among many. I know you’ve recently decided to measure and track your food for a bit, but I admire that you can eat healthily without doing so. In fact, I aspire to be more like you as an eater. I counted, weighed, and measured food for years and while that helped me lose weight, it also made me a little crazy. I’m now trying to get to a point where I eat right without thinking about it.

    • hey katie! i’ll definitely do a post on binge eating. it’s a beast, for sure… and just so it’s clear, i’m just posting what i eat for this week because it’s something people have requested to see. i’m not measuring or counting anything. but if people wanted to see it i could certainly run the numbers. it’s like second nature with all the food recalls i have to do for school…

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