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Thank you for visiting my online bake sale/auction. Bloggers (and non-bloggers) from all over the country have offered up some serious baked goods (and some seriously gorgeous non-baked goods, too) to drive funds and draw attention to this very worthy cause. I hope you’ve all come hungry.

All proceeds raised will go directly to Beards BeCAUSE to benefit the United Family Services Shelter for Battered Women.

The auction will be open from 10am EST to 10pm EST.

Never participated in an online bake sale? Let’s break it down…

How to Bid

  1. Click the MORE link next to the item’s description. Your bidding page will pop up in a new window.
  2. Enter your bid, name and email address (I’ll need this to contact you if you win)
  3. If you’re the highest bidder, the computer will let you know with a friendly pop up window. If not, it’ll let you know that you’ve been outbid.
  4. At the close of the auction, if you are the highest bidder you will be prompted to pay for your winnings via my Beards BeCAUSE Paypal page. (This is not an account I can control/access. All funds go directly to Beards BeCAUSE. If you are concerned about payment, please email me at I will email you requesting your contact information for shipping. I will then pass this along to the baker/donor responsible for your goods and they will get them out to you at an agreed upon date. (You can work together to determine an ideal delivery time for both parties.)
  5. Legal mumbo jumbo: Sweet Tater Blog cannot guarantee the integrity of “gluten-free,” “vegan,” “dairy-free,” “soy-free,” “raw,” or other dietary labels on baked goods. If you are highly allergic or ethically inclined, please make this very clear when communicating with your baker or (better yet) consider a non-food item. Please do not let your winnings sit around for a month, eat them, get sick and then tell me I made you sick. Please. If there is a problem with your winnings (lost in the mail, crushed in the mail, etc.), please let me know and I will send you a replacement straight from my kitchen.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I am so grateful.



Baking BeCAUSE

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  2. Hi!
    I won the Marc Jacobs auction and sent you an email. It says to pay promptly but your pay link doesn’t work. Can you get back to me on this? Thanks :)

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