Caturday 11/26/11

Tia's kind of a cat...

Happy post-Black Friday Caturday!

Ralph is still recovering from yesterday’s shopping rampage. Rumor has it she put some old lady in the hospital over a steeply discounted iPhone… I’m not talking because whatever I say can and will be used against her in a court of law. I know nothing.

She wouldn’t tell me what she got everyone for Christmas but I found an Urban outfitters bag full of ironic coffee table books so…

Haha. You have to be smart to get it.

She got another pair of red Toms, too. She now has 37.

Speaking of hipsters… Weaz got her first Instagram portrait courtesy of Mitch’s iPhone…

I look so good blurry.

I know, I know. I’m just bitter that I don’t have Instagram on my Droid so Weaz has to deal with looking like this:

Why do you have to be so lame?

I didn’t get much quality time with the cats this week because I was dogsitting at Rachael’s house…



Gabby is 18 freaking years old and in better shape than Ralph. Sure, the scent of her breath signals that she’s rotting from the inside out, but homegirl can still ball. She’s awesome.

I missed not waking up to this little face today…

I miss you.

Needless to say, the cats hate me for spending time with the dogs. I made it up to them with a Thanksgiving feast of turkey shreds (WITH CHEESE).

And suddenly I am forgiven.

Off to work… got you THIS:

My mom sent me this.

9 thoughts on “Caturday 11/26/11

  1. At least your cat managed to get you some presents…mine just made excuses about how he couldn’t open the door or work the computer. And if I retaliate by not getting him anything, he’ll just happily play with the wrapping paper and boxes from my presents.

  2. Yay, Caturday! Also- it’s good to know that I’m not the only one that seperates a can of food when I (rarely) feed it to my cats. They each get half! Fair is fair. :D

  3. You should get Vignette on your phone, it’s like Instagram for Android. I got the free version, not sure if it’s still free. I hear Picplz is also good. Hipster it up!

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