Mint Chocolate Green Smoothie

Whatever, Shamrock Shake.

What do Shamrock Shakes even taste like? Mint? Who knows.

Hang on. Let me Google that for you

Yes, mint.

Here’s a thought… How about a mint chocolate shake that’s green from spinach, not dye and that comes around more than once a year? Done and done.

Mint chocolate green smoothie

I made this using my standard green smoothie recipe minus nut butter and cinnamon and plus 1 capful of peppermint extract.

Refreshing and not from McDonald’s. Win win.

4 thoughts on “Mint Chocolate Green Smoothie

  1. Will be making this for breakfast tomorrow. I must confess to major cravings for Shamrock Shakes, but I was (very) pregnant, so I think it’s ok. Also, I totally love that straw!

  2. i love shamrock shakes! they did a mint chocolate on a couple of years ago when one of the shrek movies came out… you know they cannot legally call them milkshakes because there is no milk in them? and the stuff comes in big plastic bags that reminds me of when ed norton and brad pitt were stealing fat to make soap in fight club…

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