Carturday 12/17/11

"My body just needs yoga," says Weaz.

Happy third-to-last Caturday of 2011, beefaronis.

I trust you are all diligently making your Christmas lists and checking them twice by this stage in the holiday game. Not us. Nope, the cats and I have yet to purchase or request a single Christmas gift. Nothing like a little last-minute frenzy to get us in the holiday spirit.

Know why we haven’t done anything Christmas-y? Because we hate Christmas. Because we’re too busy. Because we’re on the Internet all the damn time.

Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.

This blog’s not gonna run itself, you know?

We decided that all we really want for Christmas is money, which is not Christmas-y at all. But seriously. Seriously… it’s all we need. I told my mom she could present it to us in a dramatic Publisher’s Clearinghouse-esque ceremony with balloons and a giant check if she must.

If I get gifts that are not money, please believe I will sell them for money so that Ralph and Weaz and I don’t end up on the streets in January.

Hobo Ralph

You better believe it.

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