Calm Down. Cookies.

So many cookies.

Here’s the thing… I am crazy.

I like to think I’m pretty laid back and easygoing but really I am type A to a fault and maybe a little bit OCD. I need everything in my life in order and on a schedule or I go completely batshit crazy. If I make a plan (and I always make a plan) for things to go one way and they go another, I shut down. This is perhaps how I end up losing it so frequently. My brother says I manufacture stress, just pull it out of thin air. This is true. My sister says I’m dramatic like Kim Kardashian. (My ass is too small for this to be true.) I think I just like to know what’s going on and when. Also I am controlling.

Can you tell the holidays are going well?

The thing about my family is that they refuse to tell me what’s going on when. When I asked my dad for a holiday itinerary he said, “You know me better than that.”

So here I am buzzing around like a lunatic trying to figure out how to spend time with my family but still (selfishly) do everything I want to do on a normal day off. These two plans are not meshing well.

Anyway, I had decided before this holiday season got under way that I would be the calm one, the positive one, the happy one. Instead I’ve been the craaaaaazy one.

Cookies cookies cookies

So. Here we go. I will calm my ass down and just go with the flow like I set out to do from the beginning so my family doesn’t try to have me committed.

Mitch said she’d get me a hot pink straight jacket.

I hope there are cookies in the psych ward…

These cookies come from Angela at Oh She Glows except I used sweet potato puree instead of pumpkin. Of course I did.



Day 1: Gingerbread cookies

Day 2: Mint chocolate-dipped shortbread

Day 3: Toasted coconut biscotti

Day 4: 11th hour PB apple cookies 

Day 5: Apple sugar cookies

Day 6: Lemon blueberry cookies

8 thoughts on “Calm Down. Cookies.

  1. Oh, I have the same problem. I want things planned, planned, planned. And part of my family never wants to plan anything until the very last minute. Result: holidays are lame, because the rest of us are frustrated trying to figure out how to schedule other family celebrations around the ones who won’t plan but expect us to turn up when they finally do. (Mom and Aunt, I’m looking at you.) Okay, so I’m type A. (I think my motto is “fail to plan…plan to fail.”) But still. It drives me CRAZY, and it drives my sister in law and my cousin crazy as well. Why is it so hard to say something like, “7:30 at so and so’s. Hope to see you there!”?

  2. I’m kind of the same way, and have been having mini freak outs all week over holiday stress, work bs, and having a new puppy that runs my life (temporarily). It also doesn’t help that my husband’s been working long hours and I’ve only had the time/energy to make it to the gym once. I am a much nicer person when I get my gym time in.

    I know freaking out and trying to control things that are out of my control is only making it worse, but it’s so damn hard to just let go. I need a drink and a cookie, I think.

  3. You just described me to a T, Katie :P I was starting to act like a basket case the other day because I SOOO need everything to be perfect and exactly how I planned. I’m so glad Dallas is more normal…he helps balance me out. Sometimes I just need to tell myself to calm the eff down, haha. I hope you’re plans work out, and I hope you can relax! Christmas is almost here <3

  4. Haha sounds exactly like me. Someone asks me why I am stressed out, the answers go from I havent finished everything on my to do list, to I have to plan what food I am going to eat for each meal on each trip during the holidays, to I am stressed trying to get myself unstressed. Good luck! The holidays get hectic, just have to try to enjoy them!

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