Caturday 12/24/11

Happy holidays from Ralph.

A very merry Catmas eve to you all. The stockings are hung by the litterbox with care and the cats have been anxiously awaiting Santa’s arrival because they know they’ve been really terrible this year and aren’t so sure he’s coming…

Is he here yet? Is he here yet? Is he here yet?

I mean, he totally knows when you’ve been bad or good and considering the cats have done nothing but drink and be hungover all year, I’d say things aren’t looking so promising on the present front.

It's not alcoholism if you pour it in a glass.


I suppose only time will tell. Well. Time and me. I’ll tell you. They’re getting a new scratching post, a can of food, treats and a new damn water fountain because I’m sick of them drinking out of the cup on my bedside table. Weaz might get a wheel of cheese.

Me? I get cats.

I wrapped myself. There's a poop in the litterbox.

Check ya later. I’m off to work…

4 thoughts on “Caturday 12/24/11

  1. Aww..Merry Catmas to you and Ralph and Weaz. My kitty has a stocking and is going to get a toy even though I know he’ll ignore it and start playing with the wrapping paper (hopefully after we unwrap)!

  2. I think I need one of those notepads sitting next to Ralph in the top photo. :)

    One of my parents’ cats refuses to drink out of a water bowl. She will dip her paw in your glass, drink out of the sink, lick the bathtub after you shower, but a bowl is out of the question.

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