Caturday 1/7/12

Oh, hello. May I offer you a nightcap?

Happy first Caturday of 2012. The world is ending this year, right? I hear that only people with 2+ cats will be raptured. Or will die like everyone else but at least be reincarnated as cats. Also all the current cats in the world will become humans and we’ll all switch places. So y’all should really all stock up on some felines. I’m just saying.

Something like that, anyway…


I feel like this:


But this day is about cats, not yoga. Or is it…?

LOOK what Emily sent me:


A Yoga Kittens calendar. All I know is I cannot WAIT until November 2012…


Thank you, Emily. I think it was a very thoughtful and timely gift. Ralph and Weaz, however, would like to just point out that it is not edible. And they want some treats.

Since Mitch and I are going to be at the studio for the rest of our lives, the cats now have free reign of our humble abode. Ralph has decided that what’s Mitch’s is hers and is spending an inappropriate amount of time in her bed.

I do what I want.

Weaz appears to be playing a never-ending game of “don’t touch the lava” and, as such, spends all of her time on counters and tables I told her not to ever touch.

Technically speaking, I'm not on the table.


I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m too high on yoga right now. Sorry you had to see this. Here’s a chihuahua in a hoodie for your trouble:

Bitch, please.

I’m gonna go eat Indian food and say things in sanskrit. Just kidding. (No I’m not.)

7 thoughts on “Caturday 1/7/12

  1. Aaaah! I’ve been in a black hole of blogging lately, but I think yoga training is the PERFECT choice for you. Hopefully when I move back to Charlotte from the boonies I’ll be able to come to one of your classes….

  2. hooray teacher training! also, i asked for the yoga dogs calendar for christmas and nobody pulled through so i marched into the calendar store after christmas and bought it for half off. obviously nobody thought it was worth the $$, except me.

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