Caturday 1/28/12

Heads Carolina, tails California...

Happy where-the-hell-did-January-go Caturday to you and yours. Ralph is feeling feisty and spontaneous and a little bit jealous that I went to the Bahamas without her and keeps trying to talk me into another trip. Talk away, Ralphus. Mamma’s got bills to pay. And you see that ominous stack of papers piling up on the desk? Those are tax documents. Look away. Look away, lest they burn a hole through your pure, innocent little tax-evading soul.

Weaz is definitely gonna get audited this year.

Bitch, please. I got biznass expenses.

Easily the most exciting thing that has happened in our (Ralph, Weaz and me) collective life this week was that I washed my sheets. And my comforter. I will not disclose the last time this happened.

Weaz supervised.

Colonel Weazface reporting for bed-making duty.

Ralph hovered there waiting, just waiting, for the perfect moment to sprawl out on my nice clean bed leaving an army of black hair tumbleweeds in her wake. Guh-ross.

Chop chop. This bed's not gonna shed on itself.

Mmmmmmmmmbed. I'm gonna pee in it.

What is with cats and my clean stuff. They do this to my clean clothes too. Which I leave in a pile on my dresser. Duh. Because my closet is tiny and it frustrates me to try and hang things in it. This is logical.

Hey Hoarders called. They asked if you want to apply.

And with that, we’re off to sleep in our clean bed. All three of us. Every night. Don’t be so jealous.

7 thoughts on “Caturday 1/28/12

  1. Hahahaha…I can totally relate to this – I really need to wash my sheets and (especially) my comforter (I too refuse to disclose the last time this happened). Doesn’t it feel so good when you do, though? I am certain that your wonderful pet children are simply leaving their beautiful hair samples as a token of love! :)

  2. Sometimes I’m glad I haven’t really dated in a while, since it means I don’t have to worry about the status of my furry sheets. Spinsterhood, here I come.

  3. Did you come up with the name Caturday? For some reason I randomly thought of that word the other day when I saw the word Saturday and have no idea why. Weird.

    You’re cats are so jealous! The Daddio doesn’t want pets and I can’t argue with free rent as a college student, so for now, I look at cute cat pics on the internet.

    Keep em comin! :-)

  4. Ahahahahahaha! “Mmmmmbed, I’m gonna pee on it”. This made me LOL (<–I hate using that lingo, but it's true!) :D Every TIME I wash my dog's bed and put the covering back on it, my stupid cat squats and pee's on it! Every. single. time. And she stares at me while she does it too…little heathen.

  5. Crap, I just remembered that I have to wash my bedsheets–2 humans + 3 smelly, drooling, shedding kitties = stank ass sheets.

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