Weird. Today was weird.

First of all, I woke up in the middle of the night because I was having one of those dreams where you think you have to pee and it turns out you really do have to pee and, if left to carry on subconsciously, your mind will make you wet the bed. I was also dreaming about hot dogs. (I did not wet the bed.)

I don’t know the last time I woke up in the middle of the night. You know why I did?

Because of the second uncharacteristic thing I’ve been doing lately: drinking water.

The worst thing about drinking water is that it makes you have to pee constantly. Physiologically, this is also probably one of the best things about water, among so many others. I’ll deal with it.

Later on in this weird waking-up-water-drinking day, I skipped lunch. This is really unheard of in my life but I was busy at work and then went straight to class and straight to lab and my soup and salad and veggie sticks with hummus were just not portable enough. Plus, I was messin’ around with e. coli in the lab and just don’t like touching food immediately after that.

SO at 4pm I came home and did another strange thing: ate eggs.

I hate eggs. I hate them so much. The only way I can eat them is white-only and burned to a crisp. Even then it’s a little touch and go.

Yep. Still eggs.

I stuffed my omelet with tempeh and tri-color peppers and ate it with roasted broccoli and buttered toast. I’m happy to report I did not hate it.

Also a little unlike me… I started studying today for a test that isn’t until Monday. WHO AM I?

I wish I could say it was also uncharacteristic that I realized today that I’m enrolled in a class that I have forgotten to attend twice a week for the last two weeks. Unfortunately, this is pretty much par for the course these days. I have a test on Monday. It’ll be fine.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention… Sweet Tater is on Facebook now.


Yes yes… Ralph and Weaz are on it, too.

Now I’m going to go to bed before midnight on a Wednesday. WHAT IS GOING ON?

6 thoughts on “Uncharacteristic.

  1. What you just described? The forgetting to go to class and then having a test? That is my ULTIMATE. NIGHTMARE. I have it during every stressful time in my life (that’s often). If it happened to me I’d probably have a fatal panic attack, if that’s possible. Mind you, I love skipping class and do it often, but only when planned.

    Holy crap I hyperventilated a little for you.

  2. Too funny! I have actually had two days within the past week in which I have totally missed lunch because I have been so crazed at work…not that I’m going to starve or anything, but I don’t eat breakfast either (I totally understand that you should, but just can’t).

    This is going to sound weird, but I have had dreams in which I am desperately searching for a bathroom & when I do find one, it is completely nasty! Thankfully, I have not wet the bed. Also, when I actually am thirsty, I have dreamt that I am drinking gallons and gallons of water to no avail…STILL thirsty! :)

    Good luck with your test!

  3. “I realized today that I’m enrolled in a class that I have forgotten to attend twice a week for the last two weeks.”

    OMG, that is literally my worst nightmare. And, I really mean literally. At least once a week I have a dream that I find out I’m registered for a class I didn’t know about and am consequently failing school.

  4. Ha! That’s my #1 nightmare! But usually I find out only a few weeks before the final when it’s too late to drop the course!

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