Caturday 2/4/12

Oh, bother.

… and a very happy and productive Caturday to you, too.

Weazcheese is all mopey because it’s raining on her day off. Why… why does life have to be so hard?

I tried to invite her to a movie (she’s been dying to see Beauty and the Beast 3D), tried to let her help me bake (she’s been working on her yeast activating skills) and tried to suggest she just take advantage of the weather by taking a nap. But nothing’s working.

Ralph isn’t helping.

It's raining because God hates you.

But I think I know just the thing to snap her out of it…

Butter. Duh.

I’ve still never actually been to Butter, but I do like to pretend that it is Weaz’s favorite place on earth. She so loves getting slutted up and pretending to be more important than she is.

"Yes," she declared. "I shall rally."

And with that, we’re off to get our hair did.

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