Caturday 3/3/12

Viva la Weaz

Happy Caturday, meatballs.

You know you’re a cat lady when in a sanskrit workshop the instructor uses “cat” simply as a phonetic example and everyone in the room turns to smile and nod at you, all, “Yeah! You like cats, yeah? YEAH CATS.”

I do like cats. I sure do.

Especially these cats:

What makes you think we won't cut you?

I wish I had something witty and engaging to say, but it’s a teacher training weekend so my brain is l’shot and I only have an hour to eat and somehow take a nap and this internet connection I insist on stealing is slow as balls so the clock’s a-tickin’…

Here is Ralph looking like a poop.

And sleepytime Weaz.

I guess I do kind of have some cat news… No appointment has been made but it’s high time these two jerks got shaved into a lion cut again.


I cannot even wait.

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