Breakfast Cupcakes

Vegan breakfast cupcakes w/PB banana frosting

I can’t believe I made these cupcakes this morning. I also can’t believe I’m calling them cupcakes because they are clearly muffins with peanut butter on top.

Part of me can’t believe I made these muffins because I forgot what it feels like to have time to do anything other than walk from bed to car (slamming a coffee on the way) first thing in the morning. But mostly I can’t believe I made these muffins this morning because yesterday Mitch and I cleaned the living shit out of our apartment and I declared the kitchen an official No Bake Zone for the remaining two-month duration of our lease.

That didn’t last long.

Do not make a mess.

The thing about my apartment is… I hate it.

When it comes time for me to look for a new apartment (and that time would be now), I have this terrible habit of declaring a love for quaint little places with character. What this looks like in my mind is never at all how it turns out and I end up in a roach-infested hell hole whose gorgeous wood floors do not make up for the lack of dishwasher, decent bathroom or hot water that lasts more than 10 minutes. Live and learn.

As such, I never stay anywhere more than a year and end up going through a cycle of new place, old place, new place, old place. I hate moving.

It’s just that I think I want an old quirky place but then I live in it and loathe every second of it so I move into a brand new place when the lease is up. I think I like it at first but then I decide that it’s too sterile and cookie cutter so I go back to an old place. And the vicious cycle continues…

I don’t even care. I’m once again on the hunt for a brand new, stark white apartment with wood floors, an updated kitchen and, for the love of sweet baby Jesus, a washer and dryer.

When I find this place I will bake to my little heart’s content. Probably things like this:


This is Katie’s single lady cupcake (tweaked to include: raisins, walnuts and cinnamon) topped with PB banana “frosting.”

I always double Katie’s recipe for two cakes (because 110 calories won’t get me very far) for breakfast. For the frosting I just mash up half a banana with two tablespoons of nut butter.

I’m off to find a job to pay for this magical apartment I seek.

Here are the non-negotiables (that will probably be negotiable when I run out of my tax refund and remember I’m poor):

  • Wood floors (to combat cat hair)
  • Washer/dryer (for a constant flow of sweaty yoga clothes)
  • Dishwasher (because I am never washing another dish again)
  • Garbage disposal (or a lifetime supply of Draino)
  • Patio/Balcony (for feeding stray cats)
  • Massive bathroom (with counter space and a door on the shower)
  • 2 bed, 2 bath (so I can get away from the cats)
  • Walkable/Runnable/Bikeable neighborhood near bars (to avoid drunk driving)
  • Pool (now I’m just getting greedy…)
When you find this place, call me. Or go ahead and put down the deposit for me. I’ll get you back. In baked goods…

18 thoughts on “Breakfast Cupcakes

  1. Ooh, enjoy the apartment search! I decided to move in with one of my super close friends and we lucked out that the first one we viewed hit all of my non-negotiables: wood floors, walk in closets, lots of windows, colored walls, big kitchen and a washer/dryer. I am getting SO psyched for every day that gets me closer to moving in!

  2. This is why it benefits to move in with the guy you’re dating if he lives in a nice place. I live in a nice, big apartment (with a pool) without having to put any work into finding it. I guess relationships have their perks.

  3. There’s a cute house across the street from me for rent. Unfortunately it’s 1.5 bath. It does have everything else you want…and a fabulous porch (I mean, it has a porch, so I think that’s fab). About a mile from Montford Ave. and/or the Light Rail. Definitely not as cool as Dilworth, but cheaper. I’ll go get an info sheet for you if you are interested. You could have fun yoga parties in the backyard.

  4. Ugh, I hate looking for an apartment. There are so many over-priced places around Boston thanks to the huge student population, but it was even worse in San Francisco. So much money for such craptastic places! I’ve lived in both quirky and brand new, and I personally think sterile trumps roach-infested any day. I do think it’s possible to find a nice mix though. My current place is in an older brownstone, hardwood floors, charming details, but the landlord is amazing. It also helps that he and his family live in the building, so if there’s a shortage of hot water, for example, he’s super quick to fix it.

    Hang in there – your mix of quirky, but functional is out there!

  5. Ahhh don’t even get me started on the perils of house hunting. Do you have trouble finding a place because of your cats? When landlords hear that I have (ONE SMALL) cat, they go into a panic and say “Sorry, no pets!” It’s a freaking cat!

    I’m going to have to try that cupcake with your variation! A peanut butter cupcake (or two) for breakfast sounds perfect :D

  6. There is a cute house for rent on Euclid in Dilworth. Between Tremont and Magnolia. I believe the house and the guest house are both for rent! You should drive by!

  7. Moving is my least favorite thing in the world.
    So it’s totally reasonable that I’ve moved six times in the last five years, right?

    Good luck finding a place!

  8. I’ve been living without a washer/dryer for 3 years now. I’m currently apartment hunting, and I frequently drift off into fantasies of being able to do laundry in the comfort of my own home, whenever I damn please. It’s intoxicating.

    Are you and Mitch still going to live together?

  9. Read this post this morning and immediately made myself a mocha single lady “muffin”. It was awesome with some iced coffee. Hope the apartment hunting goes well!

  10. Oh I hope the sign was still up when you drove by. It was down the next time I went by, and I felt bad for telling you the wrong thing! Hope the apartment hunt ends soon!

  11. Just found your blog a few weeks back and adore it. You’re hilarious and I wish we were friends who ate delicious vegetarian food, yoga’d, and got our serious drank every week. It’d be fab!

    I also respect that you doubled the recipe…I mean, 110 cals wouldn’t get this girl anywhere either. I actually had time this morning (because class is officially over! yes!) to make a fun bfast and cooked up two huge buckwheat pancakes with bananas, cinnamon, honey and peanut butter. Bam. Happy Friday!

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