Caturday 6/30/12


Happy heatwave Caturday.

So it’s been, like, a billion degrees all over the country but I hadn’t noticed because I spend all my time in a hot yoga studio. The cats, however, think the world is ending.


They live in a totally climate controlled environment and still they have somehow figured out that it’s 113 degrees outside. I do not know.

I'm gonna barf.

I’m off to do yoga on top of a skyscraper (air quotes), which here in Charlotte we call simply a building. It’s gonna be hot.

I don’t feel like blogging. Check ya later.


Roommate Reunion

Beet salad at Lazy Goat (Greenville, SC)

I met my college roommate in a chat room.

TRUTH. Allow me to elaborate…

I met my college roommate in a chat room for losers who were so excited to go to Furman that they felt the need to chat about it months in advance with other losers who were so excited to go to Furman. (Sorry Kristen, you know this is true.)

We were both asking undoubtedly Type A, obnoxious questions on the university’s internal forums about how to control every single step of our enrollment/orientation process when it dawned on us that, HEY WE SHOULD BE ROOMMATES AND CONTROL EEEEEVERYTHING.

We spent months–months–chatting on AIM about what our room would look like, how we’d arrange the furniture and who would be bringing what. (Trust that I brought the Jim Beam.)

I don’t remember a whole lot about move in day except that her wiener dog was present and I cried when my family left me. Also that the girl next door had a cool canvass satchel backpack and I wanted to steal it and throw my Jansport away, and the girl across the hall came over to introduce herself as Megan but her name is actually Margaret but everyone would call her Meg and I would call her Dirty Marge.

These became my best friends and roommates for four years.


It’s been nine years (WHAT) since we met that day and, since graduating, reunions have been rare.

Last night, though, the dream team reunited. There aren’t a whole lot of people I’d drive two hours to share one meal with and turn around and come home. These are a select few of those people.

Kristen’s door welcomed us with a picture of our freshman door. (So funny.) Back in the days before status updates, people left notes (and their schedules/daily itineraries) on their white boards… Remember that? Uhyeah.


Our first realization after digging through Kristen’s box of old college stuff was that we wore hideous clothes and looked dirty most of the time.

Who let me out in that tube top?

I can’t say this is not still true for me now, too, but I do clean up all right.

Like fine wine.

The second realization was that I missed my calling as a cartoonist and perhaps greeting card writer. Kristen saved all the very best notes I left her… (“Please stab me if I’m not up by 6am” is my favorite.)

We drank wine and reminisced and then had dinner at Lazy Goat. I got the beet salad and hummus, and Sandwich (her real name is Lauren) busted out angel food, brownie batter, tiramisu and bacon candy bars. Glorious day.

Harissa hummus

It’s amazing to me how much time can pass and yet how seamlessly four people can pick right back up where they left off.

Also, can I just tell how you amazing it feels to be around people who have known you for longer than, like, 6 months? Because I’ve only been here and year and was a depressed little hermit for much of that, pretty much everyone in my immediate Charlotte circle has known me about that long and I feel like you kind of lose yourself when you don’t have someone around to remind you about that time you threw up in front of the main entrance fountain in front of a cop after drinking a Zaxby’s cup full of bourbon. Or that time you accidentally drove to West Virginia on purpose. Or that time you peed in your pants because you were laughing so hard. Or that time you got publicly hypnotized on stage into believing you’d lost your virginity and it was only hilarious to the people who knew that you were, like, the only virgin left in the world at that point.

Man, I love college. And I love those girls.

Holy Weekend.


Where do I even begin? This weekend was my favorite.

My roommate and I were both in bed at 7:45pm last night (separate beds… still the lesbian rumors fly), a sure sign that the weekend was a success.

Things were looking rocky Friday night when I stumbled out of two back-to-back 12-hour days straight to the store to stock up on cat supplies like a loser. After cleaning the apartment (ah, sweet relief), I rallied and met up in Plaza Midwood for a little girls’ night action.


I was highly responsible, had one drink, slammed a water and was in bed with a book by midnight. I don’t know why I cried when I pulled into my parking spot at the oh-so-responsible hour of midnight, but I will blame it on exhaustion.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early baking fig loaves and biking to the Shala for 108 more sun salutations.

Vegan fig loaf

I feel like I’m the only one, but I frigging love that 108 practice. Shala’s Solstice Celebration was my third of the week (teaching and practicing), and I just can’t get enough of it. We had five teachers so we each got to practice most of it and rotate through teaching 20 each. This one took a full 2 hours and I had perhaps THE most solid savasana of my life at the end. Love.

Forgetting I was on my bike, I got a little slap happy at the farmer’s market next door and had to figure out how to get a watermelon, yoga mat and pint of blueberries home.


From there it was lunch at Fern with Adam. Never gets old.

OM burger and the Fern salad

Vegan carrot cake YES.


I don’t remember the rest of the afternoon but something tells me I was probably riding my bike or something. I’m probably always riding my bike or something. OH. I and bought a dress. That’s what I did…


I have been on the hunt for a decent maxi dress since MARCH, y’all. Finally… finally. And from Target, no less. The optical illusion of the chevron-esque lines is flattering to no end. Go get it.

Saturday evening involved dinner and drinks at Pisces¬†with the dream team followed by more drinks at Whiskey Warehouse… obviously.

Again, I win the award for most responsible because I left around midnight. You should, however, ask my friends about how they migrated all the way Uptown, were escorted out of the bar by the police, ate french fries and a grilled cheese and a Belgian waffle, threw up and finally returned home around 4am. Get it, girls.

Sunday welcomed me with a long walk for coffee and breakfast I didn’t even have to make.

Eggs, toast, soysage, salsa.

I rode bikes with Mitch-Mitch, met our friend Maddie for lunch at Which Wich (best ever), practiced in the hottest class of all time at Y2, got a pedicure and came home for pizza night.

Lou Manalti's Chicago-style deep dish

My friend Rachael overnighted me two pizzas from Chicago forever ago when I took care of her dogs for Thanksgiving. I’ve been hoarding this one in the freezer and Mitch asks me daily when we get to eat it. Finally, the time had come.

With salad and roasted broccoli.


Today I’m up and at ‘em cranking out a few hours of work, getting my oil changed (someone call my dad!), practicing and then meeting up with my college roommates for dinner.

Can’t even wait.

Caturday 6/23/12

Into the wild...

Carpe Caturday!

We’ve been up since 5am after falling asleep at midnight with all the lights on and an untouched mug of tea cooling beside the bed. I cut my bar night short because I had grand plans to read and sip tea and be all home-y but then I just fell asleep. Can’t win ‘em all.

I was all set to regretfully inform you all that I had no ridiculous pictures of the cats this week, but then we went outside.


Is this real life?

As is standard, I only let them out one at a time so I can hover over them like a helicopter mom. Ralphie proceeded to consume everything in sight and Weasel white-knuckled the grass and refused to move.

Some say I'm slow but...

... my mom says I'm speciallllllllllll.

I really do think Weaz has some serious developmental delays but we love her anyway.

I spent my Friday evening cleaning the stupid apartment (if we’re here another month it might as well be clean) and buying things that are embarrassing to buy on a Friday evening: kitty litter, litter box deodorizer and cat food.

Sad, sorry existence.

Now I’m off to pedal around on the bike. Maybe I’ll put my sidekick in the basket.

Let's ride.


Vagabond and Stuff

Breakfast quinoa with berries and almond butter

Morning, sunshines.

Sometimes I think I missed my calling as a professional dogsitter. Perhaps it just suits my life right now because I am a straight up hobo vagabond floating around from couch to car and I kind of like the feeling of taking over people’s homes and pretending they are mine.

I’ve got Diesel again while her dad is away, and we are straight chillin.


I’ll have you know I took two showers last night (within two hours of each other) just because I could.

Be it known that I am not actually without an apartment of my own. I just hate the one I have. (Ungrateful.)¬†Mitch and I did not get the condo we were hoping for because there were three perfectly qualified applicants ahead of us so we were in a bit of a mad scramble to find a home in, like, 10 days. Instead we gave up and decided to stay in our hell hole for one more month. I’m trying to be there as little as possible. It’s going pretty well so far since I pretty much live at the studio.

I was at Y2 from 7:30am to 8:30pm yesterday and didn’t practice once. Whoops. Just working and teaching but I love it. No problem.

I am such a homebody so it kind of sucks to hate my home as much as I do right now but it’s allllll ok and I cannot wait to get into a new place.

Anyway, I’m off for one more long day and then HELLO WEEKEND. When I set out to create my teaching schedule, I decided I wouldn’t work weekends and I am loving this decision.

But first… I’m a big fan of any kind of “workout” that can be done in pajamas in front of a television with little to no sweat or equipment involved. Here is one such move I’ve been doing that fits that bill:

Warrior III to Twist

Shifting weight into one foot, lean the upper body forward and lift the other leg behind you. Flex the lifted toes to the ground and stretch the arms out in front of you. On an exhale, swing the lifted leg forward pulling the knee up into your chest. Take hands to heart center, navel to spine and twist. Inhale extending back out to warrior III. Repeat 20x on each leg. Do that set 3 times.

Warrior III

Stand and twist

Later gators.