Caturday 9/1/12

State of the Mew-nion.

My fellow Americans, happy DNC Week Caturday.

All eyes are on Charlotte this week as some of the (arguably) most important people on the planet (can humans be hierarchically arranged by value?) descend on the city for the Democratic National Convention. We live really close to Bank of America Stadium where Obama will give his presidential nomination acceptance speech and have thoroughly enjoyed watching the whole area go on major lock down. I feel like I’m in a Bruce Willis movie with all the helicopters and motorcycle cops and crowd controllers with their big people-whackin’ sticks.

Most Charlotteans have vacated the city for the holiday and to avoid the traffic and the mayhem an event like this is sure to cause.

Ralph, Weaz and I, for one (or three), can’t wait to hunt down some of our favorite celebrity democrats, including but not limited to:

  • Beyonce
  • Oprah
  • Clooney
  • … oh. You know. The President.

I’ve only seen one other president in real life and it was W. when he spoke at Furman the year after I graduated. I think regardless of your political stance, it’s cool as all hell to watch the motorocade roll in. So I’m trying to weasel my way into Obama’s speech Thursday night. If you see my face on the news, it means my plan to sneak in was unsuccessful.

Ninja cat goes where ninja cat wants.

I won’t really have to worry about trying to see Obama’s speech though. I don’t know if this is public knowledge yet but… Ralph and Weaz have been busy practicing their democratic presidential nomination acceptance speech.

They are running as one entity (you know, because they’re small) and their vice-president is Mitch’s new dog Reggie.

He’s a pit-basset. And you thought having a black president was cool. Just wait.

Weaz has been crunching the poll numbers and let’s just say we’re already celebrating.

Thank you, and god bless cats.

6 thoughts on “Caturday 9/1/12

  1. Obama came to Furman that year, too! And I was at the graduation that W spoke at. Dr. Shi’s speech blew him out of the water.

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