Caturday 9/8/12

Hello kittens.

We’re sorry we missed Caturday yesterday. We were busy doing too many things and then eating Indian food and doing no things as a result. It will definitely happen again.

Last night the temperature dropped to Fall-ish levels so I opened my windows. I have this irrational fear that my cats are going to lean too hard on the screen and fall out.

That didn’t happen.

But I did press my hand ever so gently against the screen to test it and it flew out. So the new rule in this house is that the windows can never be opened more than two inches lest we watch me fly out a 4th-floor window after Weasel. (And I would.)

Nothing to report from Caturday headquarters. The DNC is over and Charlotte is back to normal. Weaz has been decorating the apartment so it feels less like a model for tours and more like a cat cave.

Ralphie has a new fascination with the sink.

That’s all.

8 thoughts on “Caturday 9/8/12

  1. I love that Ralphie looks ever so slightly surprised (apatheticly surprised?). Things seem to often turn out somewhat unexpectedly for her.

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