Fluffernutter Blondies

I get that people who are “into” food are into combinations like prosciutto and melon. They say shit like “umami” and always use the correct fork. They say amuse-bouche, and they’re serious.

I’m like: Can I put it in my face?

I think there’s something to be said for those humbler foods, those far less refined childhood favorites. Pizza bagels. PB&J. Fun Dip. Especially a slightly more sophisticated take on a classic throwback.

What I’m saying is your fluffernutter is all grown up, y’all.

This is just a peanut butter version of vegan almond butter blondies (click for recipe) topped with good old fashioned Fluff.

I know some vegetarians worry about gelatin in marshmallows, but there is none in marshmallow creme. Not this brand, anyway. It does, however, contain egg whites so your blondies aren’t vegan anymore once they’re topped with the goods.

I’m at this strange point in my life where I haven’t been to my childhood home in two years, I feel more at home in Charlotte than ever before and the combination of these two things leaves me simultaneously excited about what comes next and terrified that I’m losing what came first. It’s manifesting itself as a strong desire for flavors and smells and traditions from when I was little. Regression at its finest.

Now that my life isn’t a miserable pile of depression, I’m more nervous about sliding back down into that hole. I’m more cautious with my steps forward and I think it’s leaving me a little bit stagnant. Or at least eating like a four-year-old.

Pass me the fruit snacks.

4 thoughts on “Fluffernutter Blondies

  1. Sometimes eating like a four year old is necessary. Me? When I get stressed I eat (vegan) nachos for dinner. Like, three nights in a row.

    In case you’re ever looking: if you can find Ricemellow Fluff, that’s vegan (makes a damn fine fluffernutter), and I think Smuckers has some kind of accidentally vegan marshmallow topping too.

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